What TV shows and documentaries have inspired you?

  • 16 July 2020
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An Inconvenient Truth, Seven Worlds One Planet, Cowspiracy… just a few of the (sometimes controversial) documentaries that have reached large audiences, shifting peoples’ perspective of the environment and nature in one way or another! 

I’ve recently started watching Netflix’s latest docuseries Down To Earth. Featuring Zac Efron, it takes a look at different sustainable and eco-friendly ways of life across the world. Whether Zac is your particular cup of tea or not, it feels like the start of a new era of documentaries aimed at inspiring people (in this case, particularly focusing on young people) to take action. 

It got me wondering - what TV shows, or documentaries, have had a particular impact on you or inspired you to change something (even if small!) about your life, with a view to living more sustainably?
It’d be interesting to know your recommendations of what to watch!:slight_smile:

Personally, Blue Planet II and the images of plastic pollution in the ocean really inspired me to cut down on my use of plastic - in particular of bags and water bottles. I now use a particular set of fabric bags in the supermarkets for my fruit/veg, and canvas bags to carry my shop home. :thumbsup:


4 replies

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Blimey i just mentioned Down to earth on another post how weird is that. Very good series spoiler alert the last episode really brings it home for darien tissue at the ready.


First one that springs to mind was " inside bill gates brain."

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Just about to say same Jonny, you two are psychic 🙀🙀🙀😂👍

Ha, great minds think alike @Jon1

You’ve watched all of Down to Earth already?! I need to catch up! Have you been watching it too then @Bev

We’ve just watched the episode focusing on water in Paris, it was quite inspiring! Making good quality water freely accessible throughout the city is a fantastic initiative, and promotes refilling water bottles instead of buying lots of plastic ones!:clap:

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No, not me Nat, altho it sounds the sort of thing I’d like 👍👍👍