What's the climate cost of Trump's state visit?

To give you a clue, running the average UK home would release around 135 tonnes of CO2 over a 50 year period.

Or another clue, the typical person would emit roughly 800 tonnes of CO2 over 100 years (if they lived that long).

We’ve calculated Trump’s impact based on:
The two heavily modified Boeing 747 jets (Air Force One)
The two armoured limos (The Beast)
The other 28 cars that make up the 30-car motorcade
The cargo planes used to ship these over (we’ve estimated they used 4 of these)
The two ‘Marine One’ choppers and three Chinook twin-rotor military ‘copters led by a UK police helicopter
The (up to) 1000 people that accompany the POTUS on trips

It all adds up pretty quickly...

Can you guess how much CO2's been emitted from Trump's state visit?

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