Pure Planet co-founder Steven Day speaks to environmental campaigner Tia Nelson for Earth Day 2020

  • 22 April 2020
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Happy Earth Day 2020 everyone!

Earth Day happens on 22 April every year and is to encourage all of us to be more environmentally aware and to live more sustainably.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and Pure Planet co-founder Steven Day marked the occasion by speaking to Tia Nelson, whose father Gaylord Nelson, a former United States Senator, who founded Earth Day in 1970.

Check out the video:


You can also find out a bit more about Tia and Earth Day in our latest Pure Planet blog post.

3 replies

The final quote from Gaylord seems even more pertinent given our lockdown. We would do well to focus on those aspects of our earthly practices that nurtured an environment in which Covid-19 developed.
yes! @25 quid
I heard a nice phase the other day. We're currently living through 'The Great Pause'.
I quite like this reduced profligacy. Gotta be more sustainable overall. Hopefully lots of the lessons we’re learning will be maintained in the future. Perhaps we might never return to the extravagant consumption that had become the norm. Mindful travel could become a thing?

Oh hang on! Realism alert. I’m dreaming! Sadly.