Polar bears could 'be lost to climate change' by 2100

  • 20 July 2020
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This really makes me sad.

The BBC (and others) are reporting news that polar bears could be extinct by 2100 due to climate change.

Scientists say it will happen because the Arctic sea ice - which the bears use to hunt seals - will have melted away. 

It’s good news if you’re a seal, perhaps. The Guardian is reporting that at the current rate of ice shrinkage the numbers of bears will dwindle significantly as soon as 2040. 

Yep, in 20 years! :frowning2:

4 replies

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I heard this on the radio today, so sad, our world without polar bears is unimaginable 😥

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Only last night, I was watching Romesh Ranga, with his clips from the Arctic and a gorgeous polar bear. Divine creatures, truly are. So so sad

I have strong memories of seeing some very thin and sad looking polar bears in zoos - in Moscow and in New York.

They looked small, and timid. I imagine it’s a very different animal to the one roaming the Arctic. 


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Sadly i fear they wont be the only great life to be lost in the coming years.