More people choosing renewable energy when switching supplier

  • 18 June 2019
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Great news! More people are switching energy supplier and choosing renewables :D

A recent survey carried out by the Energy Switch Guarantee has revealed that choosing a green supplier is becoming more important than ever.

The report was looking into peoples' switching behaviour over the last year and though the primary reason to switch continues to be price, it's promising to see that 'green' is gaining more consideration.

It's also shown that the service experience people get from their new supplier is better than their previous one.

At Pure Planet we're part of the ESG which aims to ensure a simpler switch - you can check out our performance for the start of 2019 here :)

This is all encouraging to see following the Government's findings that the public is more concerned about climate change than ever as it shows the effect this is starting to (hopefully) have when people consider their energy!

Did you know about the ESG previously, and would a supplier being part of it affect your decision to switch?

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