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Links To Ethical and Environmentally Friendly Companies

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Hi Guys,

Hope you're all well. I've been delayed putting this on due to the lurgy but back in full force. The ideas board liked the idea of a thread for ethical companies so thought I'd better get my butt in gear and start it off with a couple of recommendations.

I came across Ethical Superstore recently but haven't got round to ordering from them yet but they seem to have good reviews and a great range of products. No it isn't a dodgy porn site, put your dirty minds away folks!! This guy is an amazing jeweller based in Cambridge. he uses old coins, silver spoons and has even started using old and used marbles in his work. I've had a couple of pieces bought for me of his and they are really something special.

It would be awesome for folks to share companies, websites, crafters, stores near them and products that have good ethical and environemental standards.

Have a top week peeps
Nanny O

Have a great week peeps.


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Thanks NannyOgg,

I like your tech alternative purchasing options and will be having a thorough look.

This is where I mainly get my coffee, hope it meets the ethical criteria.
The result of my purple-stained (:mad:) white jacket, dyed to give it new life as a dark green jacket...

turned out really well! Was expecting it to be a bit faded in places but the colour is really strong and consistent throughout 🆙

Defo way better than throwing it out - thanks @Strutt G for the idea! 😮
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Picked some of these up from Aldi today. I have found in the past that a lot of the food containers are really bad quality and break pretty easily so was pleased when I spotted these today. Also further proof that not everything recycled or ethical has to be expensive. Quality seems really solid too.
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Apparently not @Marc.

I did wonder that myself but by all accounts the most coffee smell is when you open the bag but not when it's burning. They aren't suitable for bbq style burning though. It gives plenty of info on the website.
We've had a 'Zero-Waste' shop open in Carmarthen today if anyone else is local and interested:
King of Shaves are launching a new 'no plastics' refillable range:
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I see Dettol are doing the same 👏👏👏
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Woohoo, I'm Back.

I just ordered some eco cleaning products from these guys

It isn't cheap but if it as good as they say then you will be able to throw away pretty much most of your other toxic cleaning products. It hasn't arrived yet but I'll let you know how I got on.

Hope the sun is shining where you are
Have a great week-end
Nanny O
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Hi @Nataly.

Yes it came, very promptly and I love it. We had some rather unsightly black marks on the carpet which whould take a lot of elbow grease and, usually, the typical chemicals. I sprayed this on, left it for abotu 2 minutes and it came straight off when I rubbed with the damp cloth.

One of the things I really like about it is that no extra water is required, it's fab. There is absolutely no odour to it at all and has been approved by Allergy UK so if you have Asthma or any skin allergies, this is perfect for you. I paid £38 for the starter pack and a tile brush. I think if you are on Facebook you can get really good deals via them.

Thanks for the People Tree plug. It is on my list but I haven't got to that one yet. I've a list somewhere of some other great eco fashion companies, I just have to find it!!
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Good Morning folks,

It's a beaut day up here on Merseyside so we're taking the kids to the beach for a spot of fun and some litter picking. Anyway, I was looking around for various washing supplies and stumbled upon a washing up liquid ethical rankings report. I was rather suprised to see Ecover rather low down on the list.

I will be using this site more often to check out other products too.

Have a great week-end peeps

Nanny O
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You've inspired me guys, great job. I have a pair of beige linen trousers. The slightest mark show up terrible so going to have a go at dyeing them.
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Hi Folks and Happy New Year to everyone. We are making more of a concerted effort to buy even more local produce and also want to try to move more towards foods that are seasonal so we loked up when our local farmers markets are so here are some of them for South Liverpool.

It would be great to hear from everyone around the UK when and where your farmers markets are.

Farmers markets Why shop at farmers markets? When you shop at a farmers market you can be sure that the person selling you fruit, vegetables and meat is the person who has grown or reared it.
All traders in the market must come from a 30 mile radius, so you are supporting your local community as well as buying fresh first class produce.
Farmers market timetable Farmers markets are open from 9am to 2pm on the following days:

  • Second Saturday of the month - Woolton Village, L25 7RG.
  • Second Thursday of the month - University Square, L3 5TX.
  • Third Saturday of the month - Garthdale Road, off Allerton Road, L18 (next to Barclays Bank).
  • Third Saturday of the month - Lark Lane, L17 8UP.

Please note: Not all farmers markets operate in January and February owing to the kipper period. Please check with Liverpool Markets Team on 07720 829985 whether these markets are in operation.
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Hey y'all, hope everyone is keeping well and not too stressed. A little share today after my trip to Aldi yesterday. it is really good to see ore of these kinds of products turning up and not at a huge price either. I'll be testing them and reading up some more ont he companies. Anyone else come across some unexpected gem in their lockdown shopping?
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Brilliant Nat..and I've recently re-dyed a fading navy shirt I like back to french navy.

@NannyOgg nice find 🆙 I'm sold just on the name (couldn't resist saying it out-loud a few times 😂)

Cool variety of products and looks like quite a good price point for them all. It's always good to see eco-friendly products becoming cheaper and the 'norm' instead of expensive and 'special'!
Strutt G;27216:
I've started to dye faded clothes rather than purchase the same style

You've inspired me... I have (or should I say, had) a nice, all white, cotton jacket. While out recently someone managed to spill either red wine or some sort of cider with blackcurrant mix (couldn't decipher which!) all down the back of it :mad:, and all attempts to remove failed as I didn't notice 'til the next day when it was too late... instead of getting rid, I'm going to buy some dark coloured dye (think a forest green) and give the old jacket new life 🆙

@NannyOgg shocking to hear you got 2 full bags of rubbish from your trip to the woods!!:eek:
Was it mostly plastics or things that could be recycled?

I also have a new link to a shop called Bear&Bear, and in particular their 'Less Plastic Lifestyle' shop
They're partnering with various suppliers and a not-for-profit called City to Sea - a really interesting one to look into!🆙
If you're looking for something unique as a gift, these are beautiful pictures using old magazines and papers.

Ooo I love Etsy!! Can find all kinds of great things, and a lot of upcycled things too 🆙
Plus it feels good supporting independent sellers 🙂
@NannyOggUpdate: so i got my package from the EarthBits lot, all went well and product is nice. No plastic at all, all came with a recycled cardboard box and paper tape, and they added a note saying they even used almond-based glue for the label! Happy me!
we've been using Enjo for around 14 years - we use next to no chemicals to clean and it works brilliantly well. We use it in the house, on our windows, on the car and in our outside spaces. You buy via a network of their sales people. It's not cheap, but it's well worth the money and i've replaced my main set just once (after 11 years)
Hi NannyOgg,
I'm new to this Community so wondered if you can point me in the direction?
Im trying to find a list somewhere of how ethical/environmentally friendly companies are, for example supermarkets and banks?
Good on you @NannyOgg :)
This website might give people some ideas!
(BTW I've moved this thread to the All About Renewables section 🆙)
Good morning @NannyOgg and happy Friday to you! :)
We've stumbled across 'WearthLondon' which looks pretty good. You've probably already heard of them!
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Big thumbs up for the jacket, Nat 👍👍👍👏, but how careless of some idiot 😡😡😡😡😡👎🙄
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Ditto Nat 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
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You'll do yourself a serious if you try that....
Here's one for all you yoga buffs. Ethically Made Organic Bamboo Yoga & Pilates Clothes