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  • 21 August 2019
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Hey everyone,

Sometimes, when it comes to the environment it can be easy to focus on the bad stuff, so...

I thought it'd be great to have a place to share any environmental good news stories & positive steps forward from around the world, that may otherwise get lost amongst all the climate change and global warming stories that hit the mainstream news each day.:D

Feel free to add any positive stories you see in the replies below :raisinghands:

So, to kick things off...

Mexico - robotic trees!

A Mexican start-up has installed robotic trees(!) which suck up the equivalent air pollution as 368 real trees, using micro-algae. So far there's one in Puebla (Mexico), one in Colombia and one in Panama. Tackling air pollution one robot tree at a time 😃, in cities where there isn't sufficient space to plant that many real ones! Pretty cool stuff🆒

Vanuatu - world-leading single-use plastic ban

A small island in the South Pacific Ocean has banned single-use plastics in their quest for a clean ocean, including plastic bags, drinking straws and styrofoam food containers.

According to this article they're only responsible for less than 0.1% of marine plastic debris, yet are still passionate about fighting against it.

Rome, Italy - "+Ricicli +Viaggi"

In Rome they're currently trialing a scheme where by recycling roughly 30 plastic bottles at machines installed across metro stations, you receive enough credit to cover your metro ride.

Encouraging "More Recycling, More Travelling" and with it, encouraging public transport, it's great to see a major city trialling new ways of tackling plastic pollution:D

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