Glastonbury Festival to ban plastic bottles in 2019

  • 19 February 2018
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Thousands of people going to the Glastonbury Festival next year will be banned from bringing plastic bottles.

The famous music festival in Somerset, which is taking a year off in 2018, is reported by The Guardian to be imposing the ban at its 2019 event.

Organiser Emily Eavis, appearing on BBC’s 6 Music, said the project was “enormous” and was "taking a lot of time to tackle with all the different people we work with”.

The move to reduce plastic bottles at Glastonbury comes as hundreds of thousands of people sign a new petition calling for UK supermarkets to end plastic packaging.

Greenpeace says UK supermarkets generate a million tonnes of plastic packaging every year.

4 replies

Surely it would make more sense to ban Glastonbury Festival.
Did anyone watch Glastonbury highlights this year, and catch Attenborough's surprise speech on the Pyramid stage?

In his speech he said the single-use plastic bottles ban meant a saving of over 1 million plastic water bottles!

Pretty good news to start #PlasticFreeJuly off with ;)

Worth the reported 1 hour queues for water refill stations??

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Apparently quite successful, but the queues for water top-ups were something like an hour, from what I've read. Shows the importance of having adequate support infrastructure in place. Not dissimilar to the issues with EVs and charging points.
Hey @schase
I saw the reports too and thought it sounded awful, the majority of my friends went to Glasto this year so when they came back this week I asked them and they said it's making a story out of nothing!

The showers did get turned off, and there were queues for water in the campsites first thing in the morning (but that happens every year) and even then they were max. 20 mins, and the queues around stages were fine.

They did say however that the vast majority of people were lobster red by the Thursday😂