Do you think food should have a carbon footprint label?

  • 10 August 2020
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According to this article,  a top Kew Gardens scientist believes food packaging should include a label showing its carbon footprint - helping shed light on the supply chain of our food. 

An example he gives is the impact of soya and beef products;

“Soya and beef are directly linked to losing the Amazon. Whatever we do when we go to the supermarket we are having an impact as we are so internationally connected. What we purchase does directly affect the environment - we are becoming more aware of it and getting that information and once people have it they will stop buying it"

Would you believe Sweden have been including products’ carbon emissions on labels since 2009!:astonished:

Do you think it’d be a good idea to include a food’s carbon footprint, and would it make you think twice before buying something?:thinking:

Should food have a carbon footprint label?

6 replies

Yup, absolutely. Although we might get label overload.

Lots of healthy looking produce is airfreighted across the world when local produced unfashionable products can be better for the planet. Even meat versus veg!

Eeeek, controversial!

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I love the idea, but trying to read labels in supermarkets, they’re either getting smaller and smaller, or I may need glasses 😂, but either way, especially during the pandemic, no one wants to stand reading labels, even those of us who really care what we’re putting into our bodies. Labels need to be a lot lot bigger and more readable for anyone to take notice. Sadly, even then, the label most see, is only that of the price 😟

@25 quid 

I definitely think it’d make lots of people think twice before picking up an avocado for their weekend brunch :sweat_smile: 

@Bev @25 quid 

The point about labels is a good one - maybe similar to the ‘traffic light’ system they introduced for the basics of calories/fat/sugar/salt (etc) content, they could also have a simple traffic light system for carbon footprint, on the main part of the label? 

I think it’d be a step in the right direction, at least!

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They’re announcing today sooooo many foods being cut from being advertised before the watershed, especially if high salt, and that includes my beloved Marmite 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😥💕, how rude 😂😂😂

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I think unhealthy junk and convenience foods should have vat added. Manufacturers will soon healthy them up or face loss of sales due to the 20% vat.

Maybe the carbon footprint should be offset and added to the cost of a product, thus making uk made stuff cheaper than imported produce.

Put what you like on a label and most people will still buy it but make it more expensive and it starts to make you switch to the cheaper variety. 

If fruit was cheaper than a happy meal then parents will buy the fruit. 

This is a great point @Jon1, a bit like the recent sugar tax making sugary drinks more expensive -  in some places at one point a bottle of coke was the same price as a bottle of water :thinking:

Locally sourced produce being cheaper than high footprint foods would be interesting to see… I think peoples’ weekly shop would change quite drastically!