Customers produced electric energy

  • 29 August 2019
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Hi Folk
I was wondering if Pure Planet intended to offer purchasing customers electric energy such as Octopus does?

Anyone know if this is being considered, I've been informed that the government is intending to insist this is offered. Is this correct.

2 replies

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Hi Wimfrit,
Have a look at this post, hopefully it will answer your question
Great question @Wimfrit :raisinghands:

@Duppy's linked you to our recent Q&A with co-founder Andrew Ralston, in which he answered other members' questions such as

"In order to maintain the PP ethos and encourage people to install power generation tech at their home address, will you be signing up to the new and in my opinion improved SEG payment system even if as a company you don’t have the required customer base for it to be compulsory." (Provided by @Jon1 :checkmark:)

There's also lots of discussion around solar power and advice on getting panels installed, if that's what you're interested in? 🙂