Climate change action day

  • 20 September 2019
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Anyone else taking part in the climate change action day today?

Big crowds in Bath near Pure Planet HQ.

It's being reported that there are millions of people around the world taking part.

2 replies

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I'm am so proud of everyone who marched and gathered for this. Loving the pictures from all around the world - especially the alrge turn out in my home city of Sheffield.

It gives me hope that the next generation(s) might actually be able to do some good. Never change kids.
We're proud, too! :D

PP team member Alice went to the march - and has now written all about it :cool:

An impressive 300,000 people took part in the UK!:eek:

"We spoke to Zero Heroes who are taking things into their own hands — from switching to a renewable energy supplier, to making changes in the type of vehicle they drive or whether they do or don’t fly."

You can read more about the march, and Alice's experience of it, on our latest blog post :raisinghands: