Challenge: help conservation in your local town

  • 25 April 2019
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Over 26-29 April, cities across the world will be competing to see who can 'observe the most' in the City Nature Challenge...

By downloading an app called iNaturalist you can take pics of your local environment (plants, insects, birds) and it'll find and record what the exact species is and the location where it was found. You can do this at any time, but over 26-29 April it'll count as part of a competition to see which cities can get their people observing the most. Of course for Pure Planet we're competing for Bristol/Bath.. but there's no problem with a little healthy competition if you want to take part for your local city..💪

You can read more here - we're sponsors of this year's Festival of Nature so will be taking part in this as a warm-up to the Festival in June.

Particularly interesting for us WattBotters to see the use of AI in this app - it's able to take your pics and identify species from that:eek:

It opens up a wider conversation around conservation though, as the point of the app/challenge is to help record local species (and identify when invasive species are taking over for example). This really helps local researchers understand what's going on in our cities - and if they're having a negative impact on native species.

If you know of/take part in any other conservation projects happening locally to you we'd love to know about them too :raisinghands:

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