WattBot never works on my account

  • 24 September 2021
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Good morning, 

Please can a member of PurePlanet look into my account? 

I’ve made endless requests through WattBot over the last 2 years and not once have I received a reply off the team. I’ve always had to raise it in here. Something isn’t right either on my account or on WattBot.

Thank you.


4 replies

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When you try sending messages via Wattbot, do you persevere through the auto replies until it says " Ok, I've sent you message to the team "  . That is the only way you will get a reply from the team, although it can take up to 3 working days

Hello, yes I persevered through and this was last week. WattBot replied “Ok, we'll leave it there. The team will email you in the next few days to check what you'd like to do.” and that was the 18th September. 

I’m raising it here only because I’ve had issues with WattBot before not actioning any of my requests.

Thank you

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That's odd, I've never seen a reply like that, but I suppose it depends on what the question was, some problems can take a while to resolve but you should be kept informed

All I can suggest is trying Wattbot again, start with message the team, and ask why you haven't received any reply, you will probably still have to persevere through the auto replies

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@BenL If in the app you reply to the last message received you should get straight through to the team and avoid Watt sticking his oar in. However, the nature of the response you got makes me wonder whether PP is awaiting a decision from you.