Unsupported browser — says the App!!

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She’s been scared to press it since 19th!

What brower is she using @25 quid ? Hi, btw!

Our website is supported by Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge 



Just my notes from talking to my mum to illuminate how hard the older generation find this stuff!

She sees the OKAY button but is reading all the other confusing text and wondering how to upgrade her browser. She’s scared to touch that button as it might do bad things and she doesn’t know what she’ll end up with.

She’s afraid she will get into a scam. She is discombobulated. I told her to press the scary button.

Now she’s confused as the app has logged her out and is offering options about “has she switched” and she remembers that she did switch. Thinks she has to press the already switched button. But is confused again and would leave it alone if I wasn’t talking her through it. I had to get a screen shot to see what she was seeing (that took 10 minutes!)

I’ve told her to press the already switched button. NB I think the Log in part should be bolder!

She’s entering her email address. Can’t see anything to do next! Seen the Confirm button which is covered up by the keyboard!! That’s another of my favourite bugs! 😉   

The email is sent and she is reading about “didn’t get your email” rather than the instructions about what to actually do 😉   

NB Here’s the compromise for 99.9% of the people — they don’t need extra confusing text. It’s just the 1 in a thousand who might benefit. Yet 999 in a thousand people suffer this clutter. Something to bear in mind when we suggest cluttering up the interface “with just a little note if”.

She’s found it in her emails. Tap below to login it says, but she is distracted by all the other stuff. “Why don’t they do a simple version of everything for older people?” she asks! I point out it’s there incase something goes wrong, but she’s non-plussed.

She’s in the app ok, and thinks she’s done it! She has!!!

Now she’s finished, she’s looking for a logout button. I told her not to look and just press Home.

She’s saying they shouldn’t to these things to old people! They know my age! I agree!

I hope PP might find this helpful to see how their stuff gets used.

I hope us locals, consider we shouldn’t try to accommodate all the edge cases if it distracts too much from normal usage. @Marc this echo my feedback about your dissertation: 

I need a drink now!

That’s 45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back! 

@Marc She’s (like I was) using your App, not a browser. Hence how bonkers this message is!

Hi btw

PS. There’s a clue in the title btw. 😉 

...and an insight from our word chain thread 

It’s easy to be complicated. Easy is hard!

Hi @25 quid I’ll pass this on of course to our tech team. But can you let me know what is that she was trying to do when that message about unsupported browser came up in the app? And of course it would be super useful to know what phone it is, and which version of the OS it’s running. 

Hi @Marc, it appears as soon as you open the app on an iPad Pro  or iPad Air on up-to-date iOS.

I made the long rambling log of her experiences just as an illustration of how seemingly innocuous steps and stages (to cope with rare situations) makes the real journey hard and scary for some.

Hi @Marc, it appears as soon as you open the app on an iPad Pro  or iPad Air on up-to-date iOS.

Ah, thanks @25 quid that’s v useful info! I guess there’s something going on here where the iPad is displaying the iPhone version of the app but the browser is seen as desktop. Or something like that. I’ll let the tech peeps know. :thumbsup:

It’s not one of those strung iPhone views in the middle of an iPad screen that old apps do. It’s a full screen render with this (scary) message at the bottom. But I think you’re on the right lines that the devs haven’t anticipated something.

Maybe you need to buy them an iPad?? 😉 

Just got the message again on my iPad today.

Hey @25 quid 

I don’t have much of an update for you I’m afraid, apart from some reassurance that the Tech team are looking into this one to get it resolved ASAP. Once they’ve identified a fix, we’ll post back in here. :slight_smile:

Ok, another small update @25 quid is that a fix has been identified. :slight_smile:

Now we’re just working to find when best to implement it - most likely alongside our next app release. :thumbsup:

@25 quid 

Just to confirm on this post that this has now been fixed in version 9.2.14. 

Marc’s also posted about that here

Thanks for flagging it. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Nataly seems ok. But then it also seemed ok before I just did the update 🤔😂