Shell = Hell

  • 26 October 2021
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I joined Pure Planet primarily because of their climate commitments. Presumably at least some other PP customers were also motivated by this but the questions I’ve seen all seem to be about technical issues like what tariff customers will be on, when the move will take place, when to take a meter reading etc.

Shell are one of the world’s largest extractors of fossil fuels and responsible for more carbon emissions than most countries - and probably responsible for more greenwash than the rest of the world put together! To me they are a pariah. Moving my account to them without my consent is totally unacceptable and I will be leaving at the first opportunity.


Does anyone else feel this way? Could we combine and coordinate a joint move to a responsible supplier?

5 replies

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Since everyone who does feel this way is free to leave but can’t yet do that unless they are prepared to take a huge non-capped financial hit on a very much more expensive fixed tariff as we approach the winter months, even if you could get a group action together it would be doomed to (financial) failure in the short term because of the current situation. 

As you can see from a general read of the community price increases in general are trumping the green agenda. If things settle down (a long time for sure) then maybe what you suggest will eventually become viable.

If you can find a trusted ethical supplier (which one are there any who will survive?)  and negotiate a mass move, that might not be quite as difficult if the company was prepared to offer a deal but given the numbers involved here I don’t think there would ever be enough takers to give it the clout it would need to be viable.

That’s my take, but what I would suggest would be for people to write to Ofgem either en -masse  or individually to make their feelings known or to perhaps start a petition which requests that  Ofgem must give the customer a choice of SOLR. 

Given what’s just happened most people are relieved not to lose their balance or get bankrupted by a tariff that’s 3 times what they were paying.

I would also point out that the government mismanagement of UK energy policy (although they aren’t in fairness responsible for lack of wind)  has caused a marked increase in the use of fossil powered and in particular coal power generation. 

And the government almost certainly subsidised Shell to take on customers.

There have been other posts equally irate at not being given a choice.

My personal view, there’s a long term leak and a gaping hole in the boat. Which one are you going to fix first? 

Depressing isn’t it.


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All the posts you have seen in the community regarding the technical issues of switching to Shell, is the members trying to make the transition as smooth as possible.

It's not that we don't care, it's just that at the moment we don't have a choice. Shell was chosen by Ofgem as the supplier of last resort, PP's customers were not given the choice of supplier, which is just as well as the majority of suppliers have withdrawn the variable Tariffs for new customers, leaving only the very expensive fixed deals. 

Once our accounts are set up, you will he free to leave at any time without penalty, providing you can find a supplier with PP's ethos, and at a price you are willing to pay

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@Arrhenius At present you are not going to find a company that is supplying energy from none fossil sources.

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@Arrhenius and you don’t think Shell have made climate change commitments?
Pure Planet were purely energy sellers, basing their provision on commendable, but quite variable, attractive promises about how they could offset carbon emission from the gas they sold (there is no ‘green gas’) and purchasing from renewable electricity producers, but it was all just certificates (REGOs). Our electricity came from the same grid as the person who bought theirs from BG, or Scottish Power, or Sainsbury’s. They weren’t out there building their own fields of giant wind turbines (as if that’s sustainable or environmentally friendly!).

If you look at Shell’s website you’ll see just the same promises about net-zero, renewable and carbon-neutral.

Carbon neutral information


It's not that we don't care, it's just that at the moment we don't have a choice.

I care.
I also firmly believe that if people want Shell (or for that matter any other oil company) to change, then we need to show there’s a market for them to sell ‘greener’ energy to.
I also think, as someone who drives a 3.5 Tonne Diesel van, that complaining about any ‘Big Oil’ company’s ‘green credentials’ is a mite hypocritical.