Reading Message to WattBot

  • 21 November 2018
  • 3 replies

When I tried to type a message after solving an issue I found that I wasn’t able to view to message or edit it within the app window. Just displays last 3 or 4 words and not able to view rest of text or move about to edit it!
Any suggestions!

3 replies

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Hi @jeffers70, I've noticed that when typing a message into Wattbot, it only shows a single line of text, so if you enter a long message its quite tough to see everything you entered, is that what you mean?
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Ooooh that’s interesting. I’ve never used the Botty, but maybe one for the ideas board, Gil?! 🤷*♀️
Hi Gill, Yes that is exactly what i meant! Unable to read or edit the text easily.