Quoting posts/replies, is it me is it really awkward on this forum?

  • 14 June 2021
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Now to make this clear, I’m not talking about when you are quoting something in the ‘same thread.’

I posted here, and I wanted to ‘quote’ @Marc’s answer from here, only so far as I can ascertain you can’t ‘quote’ something from one ‘thread’ to another thread, you can only, in effect ‘copy and paste’ the contents not quote the post so you can both link to the post and see the contents of the post.

Also, whilst I’m having a whinge, am I the only who finds you can’t ‘quote’ something in a post using the ‘quote’ option on the ribbon, and then get back out of the quote - your typing from then on is ‘stuck’ in the quote?

I looked at the Pure Planet Community how-to guides, but there’s no mention of how ‘post formatting’ works.



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Hey @Gwyndy 

That’s an interesting one. You can also copy text from another post and then use the ‘quote marks’ function in the tool bar to turn them into a standout quote.

Which is what I think you’ve done here

Are we talking about a quote-as-a-new-post sort of thing?



What I’m trying to find out @Marc is,

1:  is there a way to ‘quote’ a post from another thread so that it actually contains the ‘Marc wrote:’ and it’s associated ‘link’ to the original post, as part of the quote?

2: Why if I use ‘quote marks’ does it ‘quote’ the whole thing, not a specific block of text? 

And then it won’t let me ‘exit’ the ‘quoted’ text to continue typing? So that now it appears everything I’ve written is part of a ‘quotation’ even though it isn’t?

See images below, where I select text ‘not a specific block of text’ press ‘Quote’ and it’s ‘Quoted’ all of my post, I would expect it to wrap ‘not a specific block of text’ as the quotation.


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this is a test as well as a reply. 

I can’t understand what you’re trying to do that you can’t already do. (I’ve probably not understood this at all)  if the unusual circumstance of needing to quote what someone else has said in another thread, for example  rather than posting a few words just to say “Marc said search was easy HERE, where HERE is then hyperlinked,  what’s the issue with copy and paste, and using “link to url” bottom right then copy the url in the address bar in the other post and paste it as a link somewhere in what you’ve quoted.

So if I quote marc from here  <--link to thread not to specific post)

and as below in black text and I can link the exact post url from anywhere in what I just pasted below

in this case I pasted all of the top of the post showing the credentials and then I used the top line adding “where Marc said”


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Where Marc said

The Pure Planet Community has thousands of Members posting daily.

If you’ve posted in the Pure Planet Community and you’re looking for your old posts, the first and most important thing is to make sure that you’re logged in.

Then, just click/tap on your avatar photo in the top right-hand corner of the community  and you’ll see a list of your latest activity. It’s divided into your posts, replies, best answers, posts you’re following, your private messages, and your settings. Each has a number count, too.

I’m sending this now to see what happens..

I’ve probably completely misunderstood this thread, other than to say I wouldn’t want to do this on an iphone - too much faffing about.

later edit, just tested and both of the links work, one takes you to the thread the other to the post the amount of which you can choose to copy or ignore..

to quote @Bev I haven’t got a scooby...