Pure Planet Community FAQs to get design refresh

  • 4 March 2019
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Hi all

Thought I'd share some news about a planned 'facelift' for the Pure Planet Community FAQs section.

The new look is coming later this month. Nothing earth-shattering, it's just to make it look more like the homepage which got the design refresh earlier this year. The FAQs got left behind and is still look a bit look the old community homepage (if anyone can remember that!).

The plan is that the new FAQs will go live towards the end of March.

And we're also bringing back the 'envelope' icon to the top of the screen (both on desktop and mobile) which is a direct link to your private messages inbox. We seem to have lost it in the redesign. Looping in @woz who spotted it had disappeared!

6 replies

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Well done PP, keep it up..onwards and upwards
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Just one idea.
If competitions are going to be a feature, can they be put onto their own dedicated page,instead of being buried in the off topic section.
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Hi Marc
we all have our own preferences, my bugbear is that I hate excessive and unnecessary scrolling. Screen space is at a premium, especially on small screens, the luxury of large tiles is very nice if you're on a 27" imac, not so good on smaller screens.
The panels at the top (I admit I'm not a fan of a windows 10 tile like interface but hey-ho...) are much larger than they need to be for the info contained, thus much more scrolling required.
Here is a very rough (apologies short of time) edit of one just to show you why I'm errr... unhappy
Hey @woz
I hear you. There are reasons!
The 'letterbox' panel/tile you've suggested isn't too far off the old community design, if you can remember it?!

There's a few reasons that we chose to make them deeper (more square) in this design.

One, it's because it works better for small screens. When resizing images to fit small and medium screens it's much, much easier if the images are squarer.
There's the challenge of making the image big enough for mobile phones so it's clear enough to see, without it streching it off the page. To contain a 'letterbox' image in one narrow column on mobile, often the detail is lost because the image is so small.
Think Facebook and Instagram on mobile. The images are pretty much squares.

A second reason for a deeper panel is that it makes it easier to display an image within it, when one is used.
Such as:

The old community platform was a real pain to find images for. When you've got a 'thing' or object in your image, plus some words, having a narrow amount of space to play with is v limiting.

The third reason for going with this deeper aspect ratio is related to the second. It's because for the FAQs section each tile will contain two or more links to sub-sections. The design I posted above doesn't make that 100% clear.
For example, this tile about 'switching and joining' has two links to sub-sections below the title.

Hope that helps explain the design choices around images!
PS I wish I had a 27" Mac!
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Thanks for the explanation Marc.
Thanks for the explanation Marc.