New account balance feature coming soon to Pure Planet app

  • 9 October 2018
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Hi everyone

Hot on the heels of our big Pure Planet app update last week we are, as promised (!), working hard to bring you more of the stuff you've been asking for.

Coming next is viewing account balance and seeing your transaction history.

Here's a design of what we're planning to release later this month.

This will be added to the 'payments and tariff' section in your app (the section which currently shows your next payment amount, your payment schedule over the year, your Direct Debit details, and our Members' rate).

You'll see that the new feature - Account Balance - will sit right at the top with your current balance nice and clear.

When you tap on 'Transaction History +' it will expand to show all your recent payments and statements.

For this release, the transaction history will show you the current balance only.

When we've got 2nd generation smart meters to our Members, we'll be working on including more detailed information about energy usage and meter readings.

7 replies

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hi @Marc
Onwards and upwards, and well thought out.
Is this finalised yet or are you still open to suggestions? If not stop reading now. (a bit like if you don't want to know the score look away now).
I'd like to see something along the lines of Account Balance as at 10th Never 2018, rather than just account balance.
Also you could incorporate a *warning that it's too low and you will be reviewing the direct debit, AND have an ad-hoc single payment button which sets up a single payment, and why not a request a *refund button too which is only enabled when you consider the balance is much too high (*but not if from estimated readings)
What is it with the **** fonts in here that I have to edit posts to get the same font throughout the post after I've posted?
Hi @woz
Great suggestions - it's in the plan to 'explain' the balance a bit better with a too high/ okay/ too low message, as well as actions around these as you've suggested - make a payment/ request a refund etc. This is for a bit further down the line though.

I like the idea of 'balance as of' too - I'm going to look into this 🙂
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Hi all.
Im liking the look of this. Looking ahead with the ability to request a refund could there also be an option to have a payment holiday.balance dependant obviously. Made the first winter payment but due to weather being warmer than average my usage will not be that high so rather than mess about with changing payment amount or getting a refund i would prefer to simply not make novembers payment.
Payment holiday when in credit? Interesting idea @Jon1
Yep, I can definitely see the attraction in that
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Has this been released yet?
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Yes, if you can’t see it update your app.
It’s 3 lines down on menu “balance and payments “