MSE Cheap Energy Club issue

  • 18 March 2019
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On doing a comparison on the MSE website I found PP still appeared in the comparison table even though it was already my supplier and had only one tariff.
Obviously there was something wrong!
I queried this and it transpires that they have entered the tariff twice, once with a dot after the name once without, and they treated these as 2 different tariffs.
The one without the full stop is the latest tariff prices, the one with the full stop is the tariff before the 15th Jan increase
Their reply told me this, suggested I choose the one without the full stop, but gave me no indication that they going to fix it...
Below,the first image is the one they sent me by way of an explanation and next one is a screenshot of the site as of now.
I've replied and suggested they fix it as it's misleading, but (presumably?) that would be better coming from someone at PP?

1 reply

Hi @woz
Thanks for flagging this. I've alerted a colleague here at PP HQ.