I'm unable to attach a .tif file to a post

  • 10 August 2020
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I just tried adding a multipage tiff file to a post

(under 5Mb file limit,) no go, tried another single page tiff, no go either.

@25 quid  any chance  you could  check and see if it’s my specialness causing the failure?

here’s the file

8 replies

Hi @woz,

Missing a colon : there in the URL. However, even once I corrected the URL the domain doesn’t respond:


I tried all of these permutations...

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hi @25 quid 

oh...sory about that, I don’t know what happened there - while I try to figure this out can you try with any random tiff?

I assume @Marc has whitelisted only jpegs, pngs and gifs…

Update. After leaving tinyurl #2 for a couple of minutes, the host responded and showed the file. Now waiting for it to download… Download Success!

This site appears to accept your tif file, yet silently doesn’t do anything with it. I guess the whitelist and site capabilities don’t match. i.e. tif is allowed but doesn’t work!

I assume one or the other need fixing. Over to the geeks, Marc...


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Thanks @25 quid yes the tinyupload site is broken and furthermore parts of it give security warnings. It appeared to be working yesterday so apologies for the semi wild goose run.

I thought that might be the case about tiffs being excluded but the accepted list of file types gives a plethora of types many of which I suspect will never work. 

Tiffs  was just a fudge to get around the pdf issue as you can have multipage tiffs.

So  for @Marc  when he returns:

1.Fix it so pdfs can be uploaded
2.Specify which image file types are accepted as uploads in general, but I agree that 95% of cases will be covered by jpeg png  giff and webp
3. Of those 4 webp needs fixing as I tested it and it doesn’t work and I suppose it would do no harm to include bmp as it’s legacy universal and tiffs might be useful too.

Thanks for your help @25 quid 

Hello @woz @25 quid 

Uploading of files (other than jpgs and pngs for images) isn’t available by default for most community members. It’s a security measure.

But we have ways and means! I’ve had a little look and I think I’ve managed to give you guys ability to add more file types, which are:


Can you give it a go and see if one of the above works for you? 

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thanks @Marc  a bit of an overkill, but nice to have.

Have you changed the faq  to reflect that only jpg’s and png’s are allowed? I’d  really like to have seen pdf’s allowed for all.

late edit, will attach later..I did attach as a test but have since deleted the attachments, do you still have them at your end? docx, zip and pdf tried.

.I did attach as a test but have since deleted the attachments, do you still have them at your end? docx, zip and pdf tried.

Nope, if you delete them @woz then they’re deleted :recycle:

Tried attaching a pdf.