I can't access wattbot online as a previous customer

  • 8 September 2021
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When I log in online as a previous customer and choose help and support I can’t access Wattbot to send a question.

Here is what happens

log in I get this, can’t get to wattbot then I click on log in and I go round in circles.

This is not just affecting me.

2 replies

Hey @Bet 

Just checking, what happens if you log out, then head straight to and log back in? Any screenshots would be welcome! 

Also worth checking if this is using an email address that was associated to an account previously on supply with Pure Planet - not just one that was used to get a quote? 

All info will be really helpful, thanks. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply

OK I’ve figured out what the problem is and maybe? it needs some changes at your end.

If you go to when already logged in there is no means of getting to your account page
The account page can only be accessed by logging out and back in when you will end up at, where it is possible to access wattbot and other account info. (yes I am a previous customer)

There is as far as I can see, no means of getting to from

Although knows who you are (as you are logged in) it can’t take you to your account specific area.


Although I can see that there might well be security reasons for leaving it that way, it renders some previous account holders into a frustrating loop where they can’t use wattbot. The fix from a security point of view is to have a link which allows access to, but first forces another login.That way anyone whose computer is shared or public need not worry about logging out.

Under the “more” selection you need a “My account” tab which then warns you that you will have to log in again.

Irrespective of whether you agree with the above the layout at the moment at will not allow access to wattbot from if logged in, so that definitely needs a rethink.

Should this thread be in the feedback section?