getting a quote, invalid postcode "retry" button doesn't work.

  • 25 November 2020
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If you go to

and the postcode entered is invalid, the retry button doesn’t take you back to enter another postcode.

I was testing edge when I spotted this but it didn’t work on chrome either.


4 replies

Hey @woz 

Thanks for this.

Can I just double check the steps you took? Then I can pass it on to tech team.

I assume the first one was go to PP website homepage and choosing ‘tariffs’ from the top navigation, which takes you to this page

Then you scrolled down to where it says Our tariff rates and inputted a postcode in the your postcode/look up tariff button?



And because you entered a wrong postcode, were shown the error page you’ve added to your post?

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errr...slight complication it isn’t behaving the same way now!! ...let me see if I can recreate the steps..


go to

don’t enter a postcode (I know, I know but that’s not the point)

 click on pink look up tariff button,

you’re then in a loop if you press retry


Cheers @woz 

The same bug happens if you do enter a postcode, but it’s the wrong postcode.

Thank you for flagging this - our tech guys are working on fixing it :slight_smile:

Hello @woz 

Just to let you know that we’ve got an app and web released going out today, and it’s got a fix for this bug you spotted. 

Here’s the info about the new update. :slight_smile: