Extra carriage returns (white space) on the end of posts, inconsistent?

  • 29 September 2021
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I’ve had instances of a lot of space appearing after some posts, when it hasn’t been obvious before I press send. Could be something to do with editing (I tend to edit a lot) but tests have proved inconclusive so one to watch then?

@Nataly please can you move any stray posts about this from  this thread IF POSSIBLE as the presence of those posts has not helped the thread cadence. in that thread (which is quite important in the circumstances).

ta very much

13 replies

Wow, that’s a new record for extra returns @woz!

Perhaps you have undiagnosed narcolepsy and sometimes snooze on the Return key? 🤣

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Hi @Bcw 

Just to let you know, I’ve moved your post to our thread all about the Variable tariff increase, from 2 September. 

I think you’ll find the information in the post useful? 

Our team are investigating to check your account and whether you should’ve received an email/ when. Thanks for flagging that here in the Community. :thumbsup: 


Also sorry to be that person @woz, but I’ve removed the extra returns, as this thread already has a lot of replies and the extra blank space may make it trickier for Members to see the latest replies at the end of the thread. 


No apology necessary from either of us.

I never put extra returns in here,  I did it once or twice previously  as a joke after @25 quid  made a comment, but not deliberately  at any other time.
I don’t have narcolepsy but if I did I probably wouldn’t know about it anyway! Thanks for the diagnosis though!
I think it must happen when I edit, and I never saw the issue as was trying to bend my lawnmower after I posted! (bend and mend -epic fail so far…..)

Happy for any to be deleted and I’ll keep an eye on this.  Just added a random edit to test. I can’t see any returns. I have no idea what’s causing this...

@woz, I believe the extra returns are a result of editing paragraphs. I see this often when the Return at the end of a paragraph isn’t selected, the selection is cut and then pasted elsewhere and then an extra Return is added. This leaves the original extra one lurking.

Alternatively, you might actually be doing something else. 😉

I look forward to your bug report. 😊 

Hey @woz 

Thanks for that. :ok_hand:

What browser/ device do you tend to use when replying on the Community? 

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this, too? Would be useful for investigating further to see if there’s any common themes. 

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I use Safari. When typing a post if I insert a carriage return to start a new paragraph I always find it inserts an extra space. When I am finished typing if I go back to each para and use the backspace key I find, not always first time, it puts it right to one space. The system is interpreting a single carriage return as a double.

In my opinion, the system is nicely arranged to automatically include padding below paragraphs. It’s how documents should be written. We are spoiled by emails (and default settings in word processors) typically not doing correct spacing by default. So the difference in this forum is better, but unusual.

My 2p

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@25 Should it not be 2d? But then many here will not know what I am talking about!

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@G4RHL 1.2p or 2d  to be precise, of course I had to google it because I’m not old enough (cough splutter)

for the uninitiated yoof 240 old pennies = £1 pre decimalisation.

Pennies or pence were abbreviated as “d” (latin denari) . Shillings “s” (from latin solidi)  were 20s in a £1 Thus currency was £sd, which is the drug you’d need now to understand it.

(I have absolutely no idea why £ are called pounds and not Librae - perhaps some scholarly person can enlighten us, the only thing I can think of is the weight of something was considered to be the worth of £1…?) 

for those who are only metric 1 pound (avoirdupois) weight is around 453.6 grams (0.454kg)


@Nataly  in reply to above question chrome win 10 but sometimes (rarely) chrome on ios 14.x

Maybe I just don’t notice the extra spaces, and nothing untoward is happening, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was caused by narcoleptic oblivion. I can’t seem to reproduce it.

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@woz .

plural noun: librae

(in ancient Rome) a unit of weight, equivalent to 12 ounces (0.34 kg). It was the forerunner of the pound.

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For the initiated yoof.

And yes, unfortunately I do remember them

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Libra Pondo to. be precise.

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For the initiated yoof.

And yes, unfortunately I do remember them

You will no doubt be familiar with the silver threepenny bit and the silver sixpence one or the other finding its way into the Christmas Pudding, usually wrapped in grease proof paper. The fairies really were clever in those days. The half crown and Crown as well. Never a £100 coin although I do have 4 of those but they are post decimalisation. The copper coins were thrown out of wedding cars as the bride and groom made off from the church, leaving little kids scampering to get them. You can't do that with a debit card! Perhaps the kids should carry debit card machines!

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Thanks @Duppy, well that explains inflation (except for the fact the units are now in Megagrams)! I had a feeling someone would provide the etymology...