Explanation of off-peak timings needed?

  • 21 September 2021
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Perhaps this is one for the FAQ?

Someone asked in the community what the off-peak timings were for the EV tariff but this applies (or will do ) to E7 tariffs also.  - I didn’t reply with what I thought to be the right answer and here is why

An explanation  is required that the off-peak timings will vary according to whether you have a Smart Meter or traditional meter, with Smart meter they will be whatever PP decide they will be? 12:00 to 07:00? or  00:30 to 07:30? 

and a sentence

“With a traditional meter the timings will be decided by your DNO, please contact them to ask what they are for your address?” or similar?

There should be a definitive explanation, I may be wrong.

2 replies

Hello @woz 

Hmm, this depends on the meter, as you say. I think it’s a good idea though. We could add it to this one?


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@Marc yep that’s a good idea...