Am I missing a trick to see just new posts?

There’s various options WYWA, Latest Posts, Following, but I don’t think any of them are filtered to show just new posts.

Am I missing how I can see this?

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What I’m doing, our 25 notes, and no idea if it’s the quickest way, but best I’ve found so far, is always using WYWA then click on the NEW and it takes me to the newest post 👍

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So our 25, this is what I see when click WYWA

Then I click on 1 NEW in pink ……....

………...and it takes me straight to the latest post……..

Hope that helps


Yeah, that works for me too @Bev. Thanks.

However, my wyfa list generally has lots of none new items (With no new links). I just wanted a list of new stuff I’d not read...

For example, today there were 135 items in my WYWA across 6 pages:

  1. 18 out of 25 items marked as new
  2. 12 out of 25 items marked as new
  3. 11 out of 25 items marked as new
  4. 10 out of 25 items marked as new
  5. 9 out of 25 items marked as new
  6.  3 out of 10 items marked as new

Why not just show me the 63 new items on 3 pages?

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Oh I see our 25 notes. Doesn’t it go back to the idea you’ve suggested, re having a refresh button once you’ve cleared some, otherwise the old posts that you have viewed still stay listed. Maybe once that’s sorted out, it’ll get easier.

Or alternatively, just try visiting more often 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I think there’s two things going on here @Bev.

  1. It shouldn’t have shown me so many days back as I’d actually logged out deliberately to set a marker.
  2. However, why is it listing things that aren’t new?

Maybe 2 is because of 1?

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Dunno, bit of a mystery that one, our 25. I know it logs me out thru the day periodically, so that automatically refreshes the list then, sometimes it says I have zero new posts. I’ve never had what’s happening to you tho, happen to me.  

I’m special. That’s nice...

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I’m special. That’s nice...

I don’t have any of these issues, I just click on latest posts…

where am I going wrong? I want to be special too.

Special lives Matter.

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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂very special. Special needs 😂👍🙃😉

I’ve got special knees!