A Poll, based on the pros and cons of the recent increase in switching incentives

  • 3 August 2019
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I'd like to know what others think about the recent increase in switching incentives.

Some points:
On the plus side £50 and £50 (or 1x £65) yippee! What's not to like..?
Reasons for switching vs ethos of PP?
Possibility (and even encouragement) of abuse?
Skewing the market?
Disparity between comparison websites and using account codes.
Making loyal customers who can't refer or can't take advantage feel undervalued?
Cost to PP?
Is this desperation because they don't want to or can't decrease prices or is it a perfectly reasonable commercial decision?
I'm just putting it out there for discussion.

Do you approve of the recently increased switching incentives?

4 replies

I have little faith in the recommendations of people who are being rewarded to encourage someone to switch.
The Bulb Facebook page, when I was planning to move to them, was flooded with people saying 'Bulb are great, please use my referral link'.
I would rather lower, sustainable, prices, than constant 'churn'.
When does it stop being a reward scheme and part of a sort of ponzi scheme?

Does this explain why so many suppliers go bust?
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I don’t like the Bulb approach, but think PP do it well, and don’t allow that to happen re referral links all over the forums
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I shouldn't have made the poll time out, that was done because the offer was going to end...but it was extended.