Switching to Pure Planet from a price comparison website

  • 8 July 2020
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Like most energy providers Pure Planet appears on price comparison websites, used by people who want to find the best tariff for them when switching energy suppliers. 

These are the different price comparison websites (PCWs) which we appear on: Uswitch, Money Supermarket (including Money Saving Expert), Comparethemarket, Energylinx, Energy Helpline, Go Compare, Which.co.uk.

We’re also listed on other sites from time to time without our knowledge, and with no agreement or contract with us. Usually these sites offer ‘automatic’ switching between suppliers for you. There are some drawbacks to these services - some won't search all deals available on the market and only offer fixed tariffs, which means they may exclude the cheapest tariffs on the market.

How do I switch to Pure Planet using a price comparison website?

Once you’ve got your quote from your chosen price comparison website and entered your details, we’ll send you a verification email to finish your switch. 

Make sure to verify your email address!

Note: when switching to Pure Planet from a price comparison website, you must verify your email address for us to be able to start your switch! 

When you click ‘verify your email address’ you’ll be shown a summary of your switch details, including your Direct Debit payments and contract details. Tap ‘confirm’ - then we’ll start your switch! Welcome to Pure Planet. 

Confirm your switch

We’ll send you a welcome pack by email confirming we’ve started your switch. This includes the date you’ll come on supply, your Direct Debit details, your tariff information as well as our Terms and Conditions.

It takes 17 days for us to switch your supply. We’ll stay in touch at every stage of the process, and keep you informed of your switch’s progress. 

We handle the entire switching process for you - there’s no need to contact your previous supplier, and no need for an engineer to visit the property. The lights will stay on. 

Need to cancel?

There’s a 14 day cooling-off period from the day you start your switch. During this period, if you need to, you can tap ‘tariff & meter’ > ‘cancel switch’ in your account without incurring any exit fees. 

We’ll contact you to confirm we've received your cancellation request, and again when your switch has been cancelled. If we can't cancel your switch (because you're outside your cooling-off period) we'll let you know.

How do I know how far into the switch I am?

During the switch your Pure Planet account will show a countdown to your switch date.

example of switch countdown

And just before your supply is due to switch we’ll email to ask for your opening meter reading. We’ll also ask for a photo of your meter - we’ll only ask for a photo for your first reading.

When will you collect my first Direct Debit?

We’ll collect your first monthly Direct Debit on the same day we start supplying your energy. 

We buy your energy in advance, based on our forecast of what you'll need. This helps us to buy energy as cheaply as possible, and is the reason we take your Direct Debit before each statement has been produced.

Received an ‘ACTION’ email from Pure Planet?

During your switch we may need to contact you for additional information, or just to let you know how your switch is progressing. 

Look out for any emails with subject line ‘ACTION’ - that means some further action is required, such as providing a reading or checking some details about your meter. You can reply to these emails directly. 

If you notice your countdown is no longer showing on your account, check your inbox for any ‘ACTION’ emails from us. We may need a bit more information to finish your switch. 

Example ‘ACTION’ email

My switch has been blocked - what do I do?

If your current energy supplier is blocking your switch to us we’ll cancel your switch and send you an email to let you know.
Since they’re unable to tell us the reason for the block, we recommend you contact them as soon as possible to find out what’s going on.
Once you’ve resolved the problem with your current supplier, you can get a new quote and start a new switch to Pure Planet. Don’t worry - if you get your new quote through the Pure Planet app or website, we’ll know you initially switched through a price comparison website and any promotions relevant to that switch.

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