When do I get my final bill?

  • 30 June 2020
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Whenever you switch supplier it can take up to 6 weeks, from the date your supply starts with the new supplier, to produce your final bill. 

This is because your opening readings with your new supplier (and closing readings with Pure Planet) go through an Ofgem-regulated verification process. 

Your opening readings are checked against your previous readings, then sent on to your new supplier and back to us. Both suppliers have to use the verified reading provided, so you won't pay for the same energy usage twice.

Sometimes readings fail the validation process. In this case, the validation process will estimate a reading, then send that back to both suppliers to use.

Both suppliers have to use this reading, by the terms of our energy licence. This is so you don’t pay for the same energy usage twice.

During this 6-week period your usual monthly Direct Debit may still be collected.

What happens once I receive my final bill?

If there’s a debit remaining from your final bill, we’ll collect the outstanding amount within 10 days of the bill. 

If there’s a credit remaining on your final bill, we’ll refund the amount back to your bank account - this can take up to 14 days. 

If you do cancel your Direct Debit before any final payments or refunds are processed, you’ll receive an email from us outlining the next steps.

The last page of your final bill also includes information on how to get in touch with our Member Services team.

Can I view my past statements once I leave Pure Planet?

If you switch away from Pure Planet, you’ll continue to have access to the following account sections when logged in to your Pure Planet app:

  • Monthly statements 
  • Meter reading history
  • Contact details and your contact preferences
  • Your account balance and transaction history 
  • Help and support

You wouldn’t have access to emergencies (they’d be the responsibility of your new supplier), sending meter readings, tariff and usage, referring friends or the Priority Services Register.

For now, this feature isn’t available when logged in online at purepla.net. 

If you start a new switch or get a new quote you’ll lose access to that account info - but we’ll be sure to warn you beforehand! 

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