Offset bill and consolidated bill - what do these mean?

  • 30 June 2020
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Each month we send you a statement by email.

Page one of the monthly statement shows your balance at your last statement, total spend this period, and your current balance.

Pages two and three of your statement show your latest meter readings (or estimates if you didn’t send readings) and your energy usage.

Occasionally your statement may look different - it could show the words 'Offset Bill' followed by a sum of money which has been credited to your account. Or you may notice it covers more than one month’s energy usage. This is also known as a 'consolidated statement'.

Here’s an example of how this may look:

Page 1 of a consolidated statement

What does ‘consolidated’ statement mean?

  • your account balance has been re-calculated
  • previous month(s) statements have been credited back to your account, to ensure you don’t pay twice for the same energy usage
  • you now have a new balance covering the whole period specified on the statement

Why have I been sent a consolidated statement?

The most common reason is we’ve been using estimated readings for your account, and you’ve just sent us new meter readings. These new readings mean your account has been recalculated to reflect your actual energy use.

Sometimes, you may receive a consolidated statement because there’s an update to a reading dispute with your previous supplier. This’d result in a change to your opening meter readings, which means we’ve recalculated your usage using the new opening readings.

Reading your statement

On page 1 of the statement you’ll see a breakdown of the period it covers - in the above image, for example, the statement covers 9 months’ energy usage between 28 July 2019 and 27 April 2020. Below that is ‘Total new spend this period’ which covers the same months with the updated amount.

Under ‘how we calculated your spend’ on pages 2 and 3 you’ll see a full breakdown of your energy readings and the total charges for your electricity (and gas if you have it). 
For further examples, click below!

Here you can see a breakdown of all gas readings and estimated readings from 28 July 2019 to 27 April 2020. 

There’s a total charge of £349.75 for that time period. 

Underneath your electricity (and gas) readings, you’ll see a final breakdown of the total charges before and after VAT. This should reflect the ‘total new spend this period’ you see on page 1.

Don’t worry if the charges look larger than normal - remember, they cover more than one month’s energy! 

The key is to check your overall updated ‘account balance’. If you have a large credit or debit you can request an account review in your account by tapping ‘balance & payments’ > ‘request an account review’. WattBot will collect some info from you, then pass this on to our team to investigate further.


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