Guide to reading energy statements

  • 30 June 2020
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Unsure how to read your statements, or what the information on them means?

The images below are of a sample statement, with explanations for each page of what you can expect to see in your monthly statement. 

Page 1 of monthly statement
Page 2 of monthly statement
Page 3 of monthly statement

Note: click each image to expand


How do I view my monthly statements?

We’ll email your statement to you each month. You can also view and download your statements by tapping ‘view your balance & payments’ from your account’s homepage, > ‘your statements’.

Why are there estimated readings on my monthly statement?

Don’t worry - once we have new readings from you, we'll adjust your next month's statement to take into account your readings, so you don't pay for more energy than you’ve used.

Find out more in our FAQ all about estimated readings.


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