Estimated readings on my statement

  • 30 June 2020
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Each month we'll send you an email reminder when it's time to enter your readings.

We send the email a few days before your statement is due, to give you time to send your readings to us. If we don't receive a reading in time, we'll use an estimate to produce your statement instead.

Don’t worry - once we have new readings from you, we'll adjust your next month's statement to take into account your readings, so you don't pay for more energy than you’ve used.

I entered my readings but there’s still an estimated reading on my statement

If you enter your reading a few days before your statement is due, we'll estimate your usage to cover the days between your reading date and your statement date.

On page 2 of your statement we'll show the reading you gave, and the estimate used. As meter readings are cumulative, any over or underestimation will naturally be corrected when you enter your next set of readings.

For example: you receive your statement from us on the 10th of every month. 
You receive your reading reminder on the 5th, and enter your readings on the 6th. 

Your statement will show: 

  • last month’s meter reading
  • your meter reading from the 6th
  • an estimated reading, to cover your energy usage between the 6th and the 10th

As long as you regularly enter meter readings, the statement will still be very accurate - even with estimates!

Using the above example, if you wanted to avoid any estimated readings on your account you could enter your readings on the 10th of each month.

Can’t enter a reading this month?

If you can't give a reading in time, don't worry. Just enter a reading when you can, and it'll be taken into account on your next statement; any adjustments to the estimated bill will be included in the following month's statement. You can submit your readings via the app or at purepla.net.

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