Why are you asking for my meter readings?

  • 27 November 2020
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If you have SMETS1 (first-generation smart meters) or SMETS2 (second-generation smart meters) we may still ask for your meter readings. 

First generation smart meters (SMETS1)

For most SMETS1 meters the smart functionality is currently only available from the supplier that installed the meter.
That means as soon as you switch supplier your in-home display will no longer update, and your readings will not be sent to your new supplier by the meter. That’s because older versions of smart meters use 3G SIM cards which connect to specific energy companies only.

You’ll need to take manual readings from the meter, not the in-home display, and enter these in your account each month.

Work to connect SMETS1 meters to the SMETS2 network (to make them ‘smart’ again, even if you switch supplier) began in 2020. This is being coordinated by an Ofgem-regulated body called the Data and Communications Company (DCC). They’re currently advising the deadline of this work to be end of May 2021.

These are the current start date estimates for this work, as advised by the DCC:

  • Itron and Aclara - these models have begun being connected to the SMETS2 network. A limited number of Elster Honeywell models are being included in this first phase, too
  • Secure - these models have begun being connected to the SMETS2 network from September 2020
  • Elster - these models have begun being connected to the SMETS2 network
  • EDMI and L&G (Landis+Gyr) - these models have begun being connected to the SMETS2 network from December 2020

Switched to Pure Planet with second generation smart meters (SMETS2)

If you've got second generation smart meters (known as 'SMETS2') these will stay smart when you switch to Pure Planet.

We'll email to ask for your opening readings. Once you’ve sent us your first readings, we’ll receive a smart meter reading once a month, and won’t send you monthly meter reading reminders.

You can send manual meter readings at any time, if you want to.

SMETS2 meters installed by Pure Planet

After your smart meter installation, we may still ask you to enter your meter readings. That’s because it can take a few weeks to make sure everything’s set up, and that we’re receiving your ‘smart’ readings. 

Once everything’s set up, you’ll see ‘smart’ readings in your account’s meter reading history (‘menu’ > ‘usage’ > ‘see past meter readings’), and we’ll stop sending meter reading reminder emails. 

Example of a ‘smart’ reading in your account


Unsure how to read your meters? Check out our smart meter reading guide

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