SMETS1 can you read it?

  • 6 October 2020
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Hi there, 

We moved to pure planet a while ago and have a SMETS1 installed while we were with scottish energy. I just wondered if you are able to read this yet? If not, will you notify us when you are able to do so?


Next the SMETS1 has always had issues connecting the Gas meter (under kitchen sink) to the Electric meter which does the broadcasting (this is in the entry hall) any idea if there is a way to boost the signal between the two (I hate having to clamber into the kithen cupboard to try and read the gas meter!) or is this something that would require meter replacement (seems a waste) :-(


Finally the display that came with this SMETS1 is awful, really fiddly to use, not intuitive and the backlight is always on (cak from an energy and comfort perspective), can any display be paired with a meter or are we stuck with the rubbish display.

Its a shame, we feel punished for being early adopters!

Any help is very appreciated, cheers!

1 reply

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Your old supplier will let pure planet know that you have smet1 meters and PP will take these over but can take a couple of weeks.  Smet1 meter lights usually go off but really don't use much energy or any at all if it's on.  Usually to wake the meter up you press a number and should go back to sleep but if it's on constant then that might be a fault and I would recommend taking a picture of the said meter and goto Watbot on the app and type advisor and type what's happening with meter and take a picture of said meter which can be attached to the chat.

PP will try communicate with the gas meter also, there is a certain distance the signals can go but if it's still not communicating then I'm sure there will be something PP can do to rectify the problem.

Hope this helps