• 19 September 2019
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Is anyone else still waiting for their smart meter to kick in?
I was originally told September for the Data to be installed in the North West of England...

2 replies

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Hi Lynn

Is it a smets1 meter you are talking about, if it is I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed. Have a look at this link.
Hi Duppy
No it was a SMETS2 - we were assured it was 'State of the Art' piece of kit.
I understand Data linkages can be problematic, but our neighbors across the road (with a different provider) have had one for over 12 months and it works a dream!
I keep getting estimated bill despite sending regular readings and am afraid my whole account has been messed up.
As we are hoping to move house next year, I am worried that I will be slapped with a huge bill, of worse - find I have seriously overpaid and lost monies.