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  • 1 November 2018
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Hi there, my landlord who lives upstairs had a smart meter fitted by E-on but now has his energy supplied by yourself. The said meter is on the outside wall of my flat and had been making me ill due to the constant pulsing of microwave radiation. Unfortunately am a sufferer of electro-sensitivity. I have spoken with to him about the metre giving me all kinds of health issues and he is happy to get the meter replaced by an analogue one. However, he is under the impression that this cannot be done. I know differently and know of people that have been successful at getting them removed. Please can you advise me who I need to speak to to get the meter changed? If the meter is not removed ASAP he is going to lose a good tenant as I will have no option but to move out. This is a situation neither of us want so we need to find a solution quickly.

Thanks in advance, Mark.

16 replies

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hi Mark @Hanchie
What an interesting post.
if the account is with the landlord he will have to request a meter change or update (but please see below).

Without knowing the technical details of your particular meter (can you post details of model number?) how do you know it's transmitting at microwave frequency rather than in the cell phone spectrum which is unavoidable in terms of you being exposed to radiation and not mentioned as causing you problems. (it may be transmitting at 2.4GHz but who knows)

Also, how do you manage to communicate without a router or cellphone which probably transmits similar frequencies and probably at higher field strengths or are you only sensitive to the exact frequency which the smart meter may be using?

Have you had a frequency sweep field strength measurement done? Or is it simply a case of assuming it's the meter causing your problems?

When or if you go looking for a new property how do you ascertain that there won't be any sources of radiation that might affect you? You can't know without doing some sort of field strength/frequency sweep? That means you can't live anywhere unless it's in the middle of nowhere? I'm genuinely curious.

It may not be necessary to change the meter, it maybe possible to configure it so it's not transmitting at all or using a lower frequency, I'd certainly want to explore that route first.

As to whether changing the meter can be facilitated on the grounds requested without charge and without some sort of medical certificate as proof, is anyone's guess.
Also, have you spoken to your DNO? I think I'd be trying to get some tech info from them before I assumed it was the meter.

Ask the landlord to request that the transmission is switched off first (he will need to go to help in the app type "message the team"), and see what happens.. my advice for what it's worth. I don't work for PP

late edit:
An alternative may be to line the meter housing with heavy foil or metallic mesh (earthed) to form a faraday cage around the meter, which will prevent the escape of radiation.
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Hi there,
I'm also very intrigued by this post and would echo the queries by Woz.

In terms of having the smart meter removed, all suppliers are now mandated by the government to be able to operate smart meters as smart whenever they gain or install them without any backwards steps (i.e. putting a 'dumb' traditional meter in place of a smart meter).

If there really are health issues associated with them (which for the vast majority of people there won't be - there's a ton of research in this area) then it would be possible to just remove the communications hub but they would have to leave the 'smart' meter in place (it won't be smart anymore without the communications hub).
Hi @Hanchie
Thanks for your post.
Some really good replies from @woz and @MrSmart which cover pretty much all the bases.
If it was one of our smart meters (2nd gen, coming in 2019) which was already installed, we wouldn't be able to as the Government mandate is not to 'go backwards' and install old 'dumb' meters where there is already a smart meter installed.
But as the meter you're describing is a 1st gen meter (aka SMETS1) it has already been rendered 'dumb'. As it was installed by Eon it doesn't work with Pure Planet. So it won't be sending any signal.
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Not to disagree with someone as prominent as @Marc but I suspect the SMETS1 meter will still be broadcasting to the Smart Meter System Operator (SMSO) but it's just not being forwarded anywhere because the Supplier that is currently in control of it (PP) isn't able to receive the alerts and readings.

That being said, the same goes for both SMETS1 and SMETS2, the only way to stop the communications over the Wide Area Network is to remove the Comms Hub. Whether the supplier would actually be able to do that (because of obligations or physically, if the CHF is part of the meter itself) remains to be seen - but it certainly wouldn't be for PP to do.
Many thanks for all the responses. However, I know the meter is transmitting as my Landlord has a receiver upstairs. Also, it is very misleading to say that its is mandatory to have a smart meter and I know of many testimonies of people having them removed because of health problems and being replaced by an analogue meter. I would ask you again to remove the meter as it its making me really ill. I can get my landlord consent to have it removed and be happy to incur the costs in having the said meter removed.
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Have you tried the Faraday Cage yet? That will stop all of the radiation.
You'll need some cardboard, good quality Aluminium foil, some gaffer tape a washer a nut and bolt, a short piece of insulated flex with earth bonding insulation colours and someone who knows what they are doing.
The only snags are 1. You need to make absolutely sure there are no exposed conductors around and 2. The rear of the meter may need to be shrouded.
Cost pence and it might do the job.

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Quite correct, it isn't mandatory to have one but there's also a regulation that once one is fitted, unless it's causing a fault you aren't allowed to go backwards.
I suppose in extremis you could be described as having a fault due to the meter.. (that's not intended to be sarcastic or flippant, although I can see that it might sound like it is)
I guess you'll have to take it from there.
I'm still curious though (not that it's any of my business) but how do you explain all the other sources of similar radiation which you will be subjected to not being an issue, or are they?

Many thanks for all the responses. However, I know the meter is transmitting as my Landlord has a receiver upstairs. Also, it is very misleading to say that its is mandatory to have a smart meter and I know of many testimonies of people having them removed because of health problems and being replaced by an analogue meter. I would ask you again to remove the meter as it its making me really ill. I can get my landlord consent to have it removed and be happy to incur the costs in having the said meter removed.
Many thanks for all the responses. However, I know the meter is transmitting as my Landlord has a receiver upstairs. Also, it is very misleading to say that its is mandatory to have a smart meter.

Hi @Hanchie
It's not mandatory to have them installed. But we can't 'go backwards' to analogue once they've been installed. This is the energy regulator's message to us.
So alas it's not something we can do for you.
Hi @Marc

With all due respect there is no Ofgem regulation stating that you cannot have a smart meter replaced by an analogue one and you are being deliberately misleading stating that there is. As I'm fully aware there is an Ofgem push for all energy suppliers to aim to install smart meters in every home in England, Wales and Scotland by 2020 but that is all. In fact, I am part of a forum where people are experiencing ill health effects like myself by their smart meter and are successfully getting them replaced!

I am extremely disappointed by your stance on this matter by dismissing my request and providing mis-information, especially as you claim to be an ethical company with the planets interests at heart. The installation is ILLEGAL, not INSURED and that you are LIABLE for any harm caused to me or by the radiation emitting from the Smart Meter every 20 secs 24 hours a day. Please be aware this radiation is not only extremely dangerous but that it is causing serious health problems. See link below. Safety Code 6 (2015) which states the Law.

Therefore, I am asking that you remove the smart meter with 14 day of receipt of this written request. If my wishes are not adhered to i will have no other option but to take this up further with Ofgem. I can provide you with my Landlords consent to remove the meter forthwith as he doesn't want to lose a good tenant and is sympathetic to the debilitating health effects I am suffering due to the said smart meter.

Safety Code 6 (2015) Shows the Law. The radiation is ILLEGAL. See link.

I look forward your prompt response.

With thanks and kind regards,


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Hi Woz, with all due respect I really shouldn't have to resort to building a Faraday Cage when the problem can be simply resolved by dealing with the root cause of the problem i.e. getting the smart meter removed! Isn't that a reasonable request especially as other energy companies are listening to their customers and converting back to an analogue meter when their customers are experiencing ill effects from their smart meter. Would you not agree?

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the meter. If I may I'll make a few points.

Your landlord,not you had the meter installed so really it is up to him to have it relocated or removed,You have no contract with pure planet and I doubt they will deal directly with you as you dont pay the bill. It's like me complaining direct to the Ford motor company because next doors transit van is noisy. I'd talk to him next door, not directly to Ford.

Pure planet didn't instal the meter it was eon. I appreciate pure planet supply the energy now,but they didn't install the meter and had no say in what type of meter was fitted or what kind of radiation it emits.

I therefore think the matter needs to be driven by your landlord not yourself and secondly the matter should be addressed to eon not pure planet.

Good luck

Hi @Hanchie
Just to let you know that our Member services team have replied to your email.
It confirms our position and also outlines the next steps we can take, so that you can take your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman if you wish.
Hi @Marc

Many thanks for your reply regarding my request for the smart meter to be removed from the side of my home due to my reasons of ill health since the meter has been installed. However, I feel you have totally disregarded my concerns and my right to not have my health compromised by a device which gives off non-ionising radiation, of which there is lots of evidence. You have patronised me by just repeating the government manuscript of lies. I have every right to live a healthy life and you (your company) is denying me this right. It may be your policy not to remove but you are not above the law and you are denying my legal human rights and breaking the law.

I will be seeking legal advice and have put in writing that should any future illness to myself related to non-ionising radiation, treatable or terminal that Pure Planet will be held responsible.

Your email refusing to take out the smart meter after I have requested so shows a complete lack of interest in my concerns and evidence that you are happy to continue putting people at risk.

I ask again for you to re-consider your stance and remove the smart meter within 14 days and get this unfortunate and distressing situation rectified ASAP.

Kind regards,


P. S. I have the full support of my landlord. I have screenshots of the same generic responses he has had from your company in his vain attempts to get the meter removed on my behalf.
Are you also contacting the mobile telcos to get them to take the local mobile phone basestations down? And asking Arqiva to take down their TV transmitter?

Your pompous attitude of entitlement would surely ensure that your request was ignored, even if it was possible for you to randomly have other people's meters removed!

Keep the thread running though, it's very entertaining,
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Well i not posted till now,but it is getting to silly season so why not,i will be out of the country soon and nobody can find me any way also i do get wound up by legal talk for no reason,maybe i should see a doctor. Comment to follow from happy customer and no connection to pure planet in any way. My thoughts are my own and my legal advisor.
As i read this hanchie does not actually appear to be a customer instead his landlord is, but i cant see any comment from them. Indeed the landlord can request the meter is changed but PP are under no obligation to do so. Some of the big six have indeed removed smart meters for alleged health reasons but they have a shed load of old analogue meters to get rid of.
The way i see it you have several options before seeking council of an intelligent lawyer.
1. Get rid of your wifi and mobile phone as they give off more radiation.
2. Give me your address and i will send you 2 quid to buy some silver foil and hat making instructions. a wheelchair as i feel you dont have a leg to stand on.
4. Ask your landlord to switch supplier to BG get the meter replaced then switch back for cheap green electric.
5. Move house.
Will this post be removed? Maybe as it is a little naughty.

Hi everyone,

I think that Hanchie and her/his landlord asked about help, but most of you was not very helpful.

Why do you all do not believe Hanchie that the microwave causes her heath while there are illness which are not recognized by doctors.

Maybe Hanchie uses home phone?, not mobile phone,  maybe she or he uses internet which is connected by the cable without having wifi?

Tray to listen some  of many lectures on the internet made by scientists such as nuclear physicist or people how was working for army. They have big knowledge about the waves.And I think that non of you have an idea about the new technology which uses microwave. Nowadays, people on the planet has not nuclear weapon, but they can destroy anything by using  this microwaves.

If you think that the microwave are not harmful...please jump into microwaves used in your kitchen.

If Hanchie wish the smart meter be removed, so where is the problem?, why not?.  Everybody has right to believe what they like to believe.

And last but not least. Think about the new technology. If the technology will replace people (in all sectors) , when will you and your children find the job?

I have hoop that I make you start think where the new technology is necessary to be used, where the new technology should be avoided.

Have a good nigh.

Hi everyone,

I think that Hanchie and her/his landlord asked about help, but most of you was not very helpful.

Hi @123Anna 

This thread is two years old. I’m not sure any of us can do much to help @Hanchie with the situation now. 

And as @Marc already stated, the meter was already likely to be ‘rendered dumb’ due to being ‘SMETS 1’

‘Everybody has right to believe what they like to believe’ - the right to ‘believe’ something is not the same as the right to ‘expect someone else to do something just because you believe in it.’


Hi Gvyndy,

By this ‘Everybody has right to believe what they like to believe’ I had in mind, that Hanichie believes that the radiations causes her/his health problem, not somebody must do something.

I wish you all to be healthy in the difficult time.