Smart meter IHD issues update

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Hi everyone

We have an update to share about issues with some of our Members’ smart meters’ in-home displays.

We’ve been looking into why some Members who’ve had 2nd generation smart meters (SMETS2) installed have reported that their energy use isn’t always showing on their IHD.

In a Pure Planet Community post last month we explained that we believe that the issue was caused by connectivity issues between the IHDs and the ‘comms hub’.

(When we fit a SMETS2, we also install a ‘communication hub’ on top of the electricity meter. This creates a ‘home area network’ which means it can read your meter usage and display it on your IHD. It also sends the meter reading data to us, the supplier).

The issue is mostly affecting SMETS2 meters connecting to the network run by Arqiva, which is in the North of the UK (in the world of smart meters there’s an imaginary line near Manchester.)
There are fewer issues affecting IHDs in the Central or Southern areas, which connect to a network run by Telefonica.

We, alongside other energy suppliers installing smart meters, have been waiting for a firmware update to the IHDs to fix the issue in the North.

This delay has led to the DCC (Data Communications Company, which is the Government-appointed body responsible for the rollout of SMETS2 smart meters) to ask all the IHD and meter manufacturers to work together to resolve the issue.

The latest is that the firmware update for IHDs won’t be available until late September 2019, which will resolve issues for new installs. We're waiting for more information about resolving issues with existing IHDs.

If you’ve got an IHD connection issue check out this useful FAQ
which has troubleshooting tips.

Update: We're testing new models of meters in the North. Check out this post.

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I am feeling I'd like my old meters re-installed, as my smartmeter is still not receiving data, and it is now becoming beyond a joke in our family.
As someone who is truely worried about our planets future, I am already referred to as a Bat **** Crazy Old Hippy (actually a term of endearment) for trying to - aged almost 66 - to live a low carbon footprint lifestyle, but the new SMET2 meters are, for me, more difficult to read, as I need to first empty the area of coats, and then be pressing buttons to illuminate the display and with arthritic fingers and very painful and swollen thumb joints, plus having to climb into the under stairs cupboard every time to reach the meters which is is ridiculous. I really expected better! At least with my old meters, I could shine a torch onto the numbers and read my meters with ease.
Come on, Pure Planet!
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And then scratch your head wondering why the extensive pre-rollout testing??? failed to show this very basic issue.
Hi we had a smart meter installed last week and so far have had absolutely nothing from the IHD. It says there is no connection to either electric or gas (more specifically gas doesn't even come up as an option).

It's all extremely disappointing particularly given my wife had to give up three hours of her day to get it installed and we've been left in a worst spot than before it was installed, i.e no means of comparing previous usage at all.

Assuming you cant help technically, my question is this - would the engineer who installed have taken a reading of both gas and electricity before he changed the meters? And would he have told you? It's not showing up on my app, that's for sure.

Thanks. Sam
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Hi JulianneGascoyne

You will need to contact PP via Wattbot.
Type message the team then explain that your smart meter installation was not completed. They will contact Magnum on your behalf. You will receive a notification when you get a reply.
Replies are not instant usually within 24 hours
I also have this "28-1 installed but not connected" message on the IHD: no electricity readings. I've gone through the WattBot process so we'll see.

I think Pure Planet needs to be a LOT more upfront about how sketchy the system still is. I know it's a pilot scheme - but having extolled the virtues when inviting us to sign up - to then send an email AFTER installation saying "oh, by the way, you still need to send your meter readings cos it doesn't work properly, sorry" - that's just annoying. If people were made more clearly aware of all these issues before deciding whether or not to join the pilot - I think it would save a lot of frustration.
Thanks. And if you're passing that on, you might also mention to them that I went through the Wattbot rigmarole to report the issue, coming up two weeks ago now, but haven't received any response. The technical problem might not be Pure Planet's responsibility - but I'd have thought customer service is.
Just an update - the electricity side of the IHD has sprung into life this morning and seems to be doing exactly what it should - so looks like the firmware update or whatever it was has happened. Hope everyone who had "not receiving all data" message is now sorted too!

I still never got any actual messages or support from PP directly though (beyond Marc's post on here - thanks for that one)- which is a bit disappointing. It didn't really bother me personally, but I can imagine for vulnerable customers being kept in the loop would be welcomed.
I had my installation 2 days ago, the engineer was here about 3 hours because he couldn't get the gas to connect. Eventually he left and said that 'the office' were changing some settings remotely and the gas should appear on the IHD within a few more hours.

Unfortunately it's still not showing, despite restarting the IHD a few times. Under status the IHD displays error 23-3 "connected to meter network but not receiving all data".

I contacted PP via wattbot and just had a stock response that it's affecting many customers and not just PP and a solution is awaited.

The IHD works perfectly for electricity, just not linked to the gas.

Is this the same issue as above?

(I'm in South Wales region)

Hi @Devachnid
I've checked this out with our smart meters team. It looks like the smart gas meter wasn't installed. That would explain why it's not showing in the IHD.
Did the engineer put your original meter back?
@Marc here's a photo of the new gas meter

Edit - removed and sent via wattbot

Hi @Devachnid
Thank you - photo received.
And sorry, you were 100% right, it is of course a SMETS2 meter you've got. Our installation partners Magnum had informed us it was elec-only.
They will be contacting you shortly to go back and get it set up properly.
Sorry again for the hassle.
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hi Devachnid
I suppose it depends on your point of view whether it's a concern, I know this sounds paranoid but it (serial a/o supply no.) is another piece of information specific to you/your gas account only. What sort of mischief, well yes I know it's unlikely I grant you, but identity theft springs to mind.

I know from past experience that PP don't want personal info on the forum (although some seem quite happy too post their addresses and tel nos which are then removed) and would always suggest obliterating anything that is account specific from a photo, I genuinely think marc just forgot to mention it or assumed you would know.

I don't know whether it's a good or bad thing but I'm not able to come up with an example of someone using the gas serial or supply number for mischief (​I'm sure if we put our heads together we can come up with a plan..), but (and I know it isn't quite the same thing) certain organisations do use your electricity supply number as proof of address.
I didn't mean it to spook you out, sorry if it did.
Is that a concern? Genuine question - I'm interested in what sort of mischief someone could have with a meter serial number? Seems strange PP would suggest adding the photo here if there are security concerns.

I've removed it just in case and sent via wattbot
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hi Julianne
The bad news
sadly there are problems with the IHD's and indeed the entire communication framework, please don't take this the wrong way but you are unlikely to get a quick fix, there are thousands of customers in many other companies having problems similar to yours. If your switch to PP was predicated upon the IHD working I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed for a while.
The good news
You don't need the in home display to read the actual meter, you can still read the actual meter itself, so if you want to switch (I hope you don't) - you will be able to get readings.
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Hi brax
Any chance of a photo of the meter readings.if not no worries.

Just to check your looking at correct figures.
Elec should be read in kwh
Gas is read in M3 and then is converted on statement to kwh.

1st gen smart meters aint that smart and go dumb when you switch meaning you have to give manual readings.
Hi Marc/Team,
I tiny tad confused at this point!! Been with you for a little while but have rarely looked at reading meters as I was convinced, at the time, and not thought of it since, that my SMART metering had been taken on by you without an issue. Seems I was wrong!!
I recently decided to have a trundle through the Pure Website and discovered my details. I noticed that, since the 'Account Takeover' reading everything else has been 'estimated', bar one and that was Electricity only!! Very strange!! I hunted around for information on how to read my own meter to get a 'proper reading' and am not totally convinced I have it right!! The two methods I found on the Internet just did not work. another method was heard in passing by a Gas/Elec Engineer and 'seems' to have some information now that looks in the right ballpark for the Electricity use. As for the Gas ... Not so chilled!! I read a number (11875.44) and I would have expected an Estimated figure (your estimate)to be in the realms of 1875 to make this sensible. In fact the reading is 8734!! It is rather like the reading was a Decimal Point out!! Can you advise? I do not wish to be thrown a bill in the future for some ridiculous sum as I have not been running a small gas fueled incinerator plant or recharging the Russian Gas fields!! Please advise.

Thanks @Devachnid
This is strange. We've checked the engineer's report and it states only elec was installed.
Could you take a photo and send it to us? You can send it to us via WattBot in your app (or if you prefer post the photo here in this thread) 🆙

Sure - I'll take a photo when I get home this evening.
Due to the network issues my install wasn't even completed, I was told by the engineer with Magnum that somebody would contact me within a week to come back and finish it off and nobody has. I have an unopened box which appears to be the monitor and no end meter readings for the old meter either, were they forwarded to you??? I'm starting to really worry that this has been completely messed up, I've fallen off the radar and will be left with a hefty bill that I didn't run up. I can appreciate you're having firmware problems, but it seems to me that the customer service is somewhat wanting as well. Can somebody look into this for me please?
Our smartmeter was installed in Edinburgh a week ago, and when the installer left the gas reading was showing, but the electricity was not.

The installer said that the reading would start "shortly". A week on, and it hasn't. I have tried turning it on and off again, but to no avail. What next?
It says, "Electricity meter not connected. Status: 28-1. Connected to the meter network, but not receiving all electricity meter data. Please wait for service to be restored."
Sorry just jumping on this as I have a similar issue.
My 2nd gen smart meter's were installed last week and the engineer could not set them up fully because Magnum office had closed for the day when he had finished.
He assured me these should start to work in a few days, however a week later and I still have nothing showing on my IHD.
Called Magnum today who told me to speak to PP and see if this could be resolved remotely, if not PP would ask them to attend the address to resolve.
I tried to contact via Wattbot a couple of days ago but haven't heard anything back.
Has there been any resolution to this problem? Disappointed to only just see this thread after we've had the smart meter installation and I have to say it's a shame pure planet didn't inform us that there was an issue with IHDs in the north otherwise we would have delayed getting one.

Anyway, our smart meter was installed yesterday and every since then the IHD has just said connecting to smart meter and not commissioned. The engineer said it could take up to 24 hours to come on but that hasn't been the case.
Thanks @Marc - no the new gas meter is still in place. After waiting a few hours, the engineer left saying that the gas would eventually come online, once some settings had been changed remotely.

Thanks @Devachnid
This is strange. We've checked the engineer's report and it states only elec was installed.
Could you take a photo and send it to us? You can send it to us via WattBot in your app (or if you prefer post the photo here in this thread) 🆙

Assuming you cant help technically, my question is this - would the engineer who installed have taken a reading of both gas and electricity before he changed the meters? And would he have told you?

Hi @Sam84
Yep, that's standard for whenever there's a new meter installed. You'll see closing readings for the old in the next statement you receive.
@Marc: how about Scotland? I am in Edinburgh and just had my metre installed today. The gas works fine on IHD but electricity says "waiting for data". Not sure what happens here... any suggestions?

Hi @Honghan
Scotland is considered part of the general 'North' in the world of smart meters.
Is elec still not displaying?
Thanks! My elec is still not displaying...

Hi @Honghan
Have you contacted our Member services team about this? They sometimes need to re-start your IHD remotely.
Also - and sorry for typing this - switching it off and on again helps.
Hi @Dekenba
Welcome to the community!
Thanks for posting. I've moved your post to this thread as it seems to be the same issue about gas usage not appearing in the IHD.
Here's the latest.
Good morning @Duppy
I've had a chat with our smart meters team. If you're OK to plug it back in they'll have a crack at sorting it from here 🆙