Smart meter commissioning

  • 5 July 2019
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Looking at various posts about smart meter installations, it would appear that the greatest problem that arises is the pairing of the gas and electric meter to the Comms unit.
Is it not possible to do the pairing off-site then dispatch as a paired set. It only remains then to connect to the network after installation. If this was possible it would greatly increase customer ( and installer ) satisfaction and production

1 reply

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hi Duppy
​I very much doubt it for a number of reasons, mainly that the pairing depends on local conditions.
Also the installers would have to be absolutely sure that those meters would be used at that location and they would have to be powered beforehand. If I was the installer I'd give that a 100% no way.
I'm perhaps more cynical than you about this, the problems seem to be appearing as the rule rather than the exception. I thought the technology was supposed to be tried and tested in the real world.
​I agree with you about the customer frustration.
​Never an early adopter be...