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  • 10 January 2020
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I waited in for the engineer to fit my smart meters, my appointment was today between 1pm-5pm, at 16.32 I got a call from Magnum saying they cannot attend !
grrrrrr !!!!!!!!
Not happy !!!!!!!
You must have some compensation process ?
please get in touch.
really very unhappy !!!!!!
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35 replies

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The modern age of communication nobody speaks to anybody! Magnum called this morning, the second visit, to fit the smart meter to the gas supply. As I have reported before, they called in January and could not do it because the earth strap is fastened to the pipe. The engineer advised he needed to go on a course. I was advised to make contact again if I had not heard in a month. I did and I stressed that whoever calls needs to be qualified to wield a screwdriver to undo the circlip, take the earth wire off, change the meter and then put it back on again.

Appointment made for this morning, a different engineer attended. I saw him at the door looking at his phone. He had just read the email that advised him about the earth cable. He could not do it, nor could he let me do it as he understands he is responsible for the job!

So still not done despite Magnum knowing for two months what was needed. This chap went a little further to say that they have to check the earthing after fitting but Magnum don’t have the small testing device to do that.

So I have to wait again. Whilst clearly Magnum don’t read what is sent to them they are also not equipped to do the job yet have been chosen as the appointed installer!
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They failed to plan - bound to fail - very slack indeed.
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I have posted elsewhere on this but Magnum again could not install the smart meter. Same reason and he was not allowed to let me do it. It seems that despite being chosen as an approved installer Magnum are not equipped with respect to expertise and equipment to do the job.

Just to let you know I've moved your posts into this thread, as keeping everything in one place avoids multiple replies to the same issue across the Community - this can get confusing!

As far as we're aware, the engineers cannot move the earth wire. Apart from anything else, this is an issue of liability if something goes wrong, rather than the physical issue of actually moving it.

I'm really sorry this means your gas meter hasn't been installed yet - I'd advise to contact an electrician to carry out the earth wire works before the Magnum engineer attends.

The issue is being raised with Magnum to investigate further, as it's understandably frustrating they've now attended twice. You should hear from our Member Services team via email about this 👍
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Thanks. I have heard and PP are now addressing this as a complaint. It points to PP should never have chosen Magnum to do the work for (a) they are not qualified to complete it all and (b) don’t have the equipment. My type of earthing is very common. It is an excellent way of doing it.

It seems i now have to wait some more months whilst the Magnum engineers attain the relevant qualifications and they acquire the equipment/testing gear in order to do the job they are appointed to do.

It has been suggested I employ an electrician but why should I pay for that when the installation is free? But then Magnum still could not do the work as it seems the Magnum engineer is required to test the earthing when he is finished and he can’t for they don’t have the right gear.

It must be costing Magnum a fair bit with abortive visits as I know I am far from being alone with this issue.

In the interim I suppose I must go to University to learn how to undo a screw, take off a cable and put it back again. I assume it is a 3 year course. Will I get a grant?
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I'm sorry to hear of your ongoing issues, I'm struggling to understand how an earth wire can prevent installation, unless the earth lead is sitting directly on top of the connection.
​​​​​​​My gas meter does not have an earth tag, it is in the incoming water pipe fitted eons ago. The installer fitted a label saying no earth tag present
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have a read of THIS
and THIS

I'm sorry to hear of your ongoing issues, I'm struggling to understand how an earth wire can prevent installation, unless the earth lead is sitting directly on top of the connection.
​​​​​​​My gas meter does not have an earth tag, it is in the incoming water pipe fitted eons ago. The installer fitted a label saying no earth tag present
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PP have behind the scenes run this as a complaint for me and now come back to say the reason the wire cannot be removed and replaced is nothing to do with competency but “The reason that they cannot move earth bonding is because it is not the supplier's equipment”.

That does not make sense. Of course the earth wire does not belong to the supplier it belongs to the house owner. I can authorise it’s removal and replacement, I can do it myself but Magnum won’t accept that. That is to say they will not accept the owner of the equipment doing it or giving authority for it to be done. Yet PP in their reply imply that Magnum would have the qualifications, if such are needed to do it. The answer is a simple one, the owner, in this case me, gives authority if need be. But no somebody has got their knickers in a twist by not thinking it through.

Of course the supplier is PP!

My water supply comes from Northumbrian Water. I have an earth wire attached to the cold water feed, as do many many properties, Magnum’s approach, if they were plumbers, would be they cannot do plumbing work for the earth wire is there.

One answer I suppose is buy an earth rod, drive it into the ground and then attach the wire to that. Not as good an earth as the existing one.

Sorry, but common sense is very much lacking here. But then sense is not common.
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An update. PP eventually came back to me to say that it is OK for me to remove the earth wire before the Magnum man (I thought Magnum was a choc ice on a stick!!) arrives and put it back when he has gone! Different to the last Magnum engineer who said if I did that he could not install the meter yet he was unable to provide a logical reason. When the current bug crisis is over time will no doubt tell when they call back for the third time.

This behaviour seems to be mirrored in the current crisis when some policemen and others are interpreting guidance on going out in their own way and adding restrictions that are not there. We should remember that Guidance is not law and in my previous life it was not unusual to come across Government Guidance that was not correct. I wrote to the Home Office once to advise them to rectify and they certainly did not like that! There was no way they would admit they could possibly be wrong. As luck would have it I met some senior officials and a legal expert in the field (licensing law) at a training session. I mentioned the point to them. The Guidance was rapidly changed. Why is it those in the public sector find it difficult to admit to a mistake and when things go wrong we get the standard “lessons will be learned from this”! Hey, I have deviated!
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Lets continue to deviate - my boiler was losing pressure a couple of weeks ago on a daily basis - so called the service company who swiftly arrived. Re pressurised the tank/system and left. A few days later same same and another engineer arrived and replaced the pressure release valve. So the first visit treated the symptom and the second visit the cause which a member of the family had originally suggested.
I get my old focus regularly serviced and I say again (been a constant problem) keeps revving up for no reason in stationary traffic - gets worse again a few weeks after the service. So I go back and they spray some stuff down the air thingy and lots of sh.. splurges out. They advise that I use the higher octane petrol which has solved the problem as when I switched back to regular octane (not supermarket) petrol the problem returned. Its a funny old life and the objective (which lacks lots of motivation) of a getting another vehicle is now on hold until I can get out to see what piece of plastic and metal meets my unknown criteria - car counselling may be needed and I should need a few sessions.