Recommissioning smart meters: what's really involved?

  • 16 July 2020
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I’ve sent this query to the Help team, but thought I would also post it here (faster and sometimes more accurate response):

I finally have an appointment with Magnum (4-Aug) to have my smart meters ‘recommissioned’.

NB: I am in Scotland, with the less reliable smart meter communications network.

The problem started at the beginning of April, when the IHD first stopped receiving electricty data, followed by the failure of gas data. Back and forth with the Help team, they then decided Magnum had to come out to fix the problem.

Despite the IHD problem, PP continues to receive automated meter readings, and I am receiving accurate monthly statements. So I’m questioning whether the meters need recommissioning, or just the IHD.

My question: what does ‘recommissioning’ really involve, i.e. what are its ramifications for the customer?

I’m dreading the possibility of having to go back to square one, where once again I’d need to manually send monthly readings for several months, and not receiving monthly statements for some time.

It's now been exactly 10 months since my smart meters were installed, and the complete system ** has worked perfectly for exactly 2 weeks during this period :frowning2::rage:

** automated readings sent; no need to send manual readings; IHD fully working; accurate monthly bills


3 replies

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No idea, but i guess it means manually reconnecting it to the network. 

Failing that give it a whack on the side turn it off and on a couple of times then give up and throw it in the bottom draw.

Hi @schase 

Good to see you! :relaxed:

I’ve had a chat with our smart meters team about this.

The word 'recommission' bascially means the commissioning of a smart meter either hasn't been done, or there was a fault with the meter and there's a new commission of a new meter.

The commission process is how we register the meters on the SMETS2 network. 
We have to do that - if we don't, it means they won't send readings, the usage won't show on the IHD, and if you were to switch away, the meters won't work with the new supplier.
So there's the physical install, and the commission is the smart piece that sits on top.

Hope that’s useful!

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Thanks, @Marc, for going above and beyond to get an answer to my query, but it doesn’t quite address my concern, which is the possibility of going back to square one (having to submit meter readings and no statements for some months). I’ve just seen the following from my query to the Help team, which is a bit more enlightening:

Recommissioning the meters & IHD to the DCC, is an attempt to pick up all devices on site and register to the DCC. If gas & elec are already sending readings, it would be very unlikely the recommission would result in them breaking.

So I think I’ll wait for a chat with the Magnum engineer when they come out in two weeks to find out what will really happen.