No bills since SMETS2 install

  • 12 October 2019
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I got my smart meter installed but since then I've not received the last two months monthly bills. Does the upgrade cause the bills to be issued less frequently?

4 replies

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Hi, It takes a few months to get everything sorted behind the scenes. You will eventually get back to getting a bill every month.
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Unfortunately Angela is correct, but there's an underlying issue here which I've previously mentioned, which is that the change of a meter should not under normal circumstances cause a delay of more than a few weeks to a month max for things to sort themselves out. The fact that it's a smart meter should not affect the ability to provide some sort of statement (in theory - I'll get to that shortly).
I think what's happened with PP is that systems were put in place predicated upon SM's doing what they were supposed to do. The fact that there are unexpected gremlins has clearly put a large spanner into their SM billing systems.
I don't know how feasible this is but there should have been an immediate roll back to a parallel billing system which treated the SM in the same way as previous meter albeit with readings starting from the new zeroes.
I'm not saying it's PP's fault, but what IS down to them is not putting a temporary fix in place while this is sorted.
I have no idea what other companies do in these circumstances, or even if they have had similar problems, but not supplying some sort of interim statement,(even if made clear that it's manual, possibly part estimated and will be corrected /updated afterwards), is unacceptable.
The lack of communication to individual customers, so that they know what to expect hasn't helped.
Most people are happy to accept that there has been a screw up as long as they are kept informed throughout, it should never have come to the fact that people are posting in the community after 2/3/more months saying I haven't had any statements since I've had a smart meter fitted.

And for others who think this post unduly harsh, I'm putting myself in the position of those affected.
My feelings would be that unless informed otherwise I'd assume I was going to get a statement, and would wonder what was going on if I didn't. A month, meh no big deal, 2 months irritating, more than 2 months starting to be a big deal.
I hope PP read this and respond, with something a little more substantial than we are having some problems with our systems and sorry you haven't had several months worth of bills - I'd like to see "and this is what we are going to do to put it right..."
​Fortunately I can say with some confidence that they do listen.
I've had the same issue but have contacted PP and had it confirmed that it's due to them not recieving readings and details from Magnum. I've sent the closing readings to PP but it must be something else that they need.

It's still possible to see on the IHD how much you're using/used.
Thanks for your reply and completely agree with what you've said.

I'm open to adapting to new technology and equally accept that there might be teething problems. I think the key thing here is for the customer to be informed about this in their journey. I would happily accept if they gave me some heads up so that I can plan accordingly.

It's the unknown that creates irritation and frustration. I finally got my first bill since the smart install but now the Gas is actual reading but the Electric is estimated! Work that is a Smart reading an estimated reading.

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I've got my first bill since the Smart install. However the Elec is Estimated whilst the Gas is an actual reading. Is this part of the know issues as well, whereby they send you estimates until they've sorted those things as well?