Newly installed IHD not displaying electricity readings

I am a new PP customer & recently (approx. 3 weeks ago) had a new smart meter & IHD installed as previously didn't have one.

Since install the IHD has not displayed any electricity reading (only gas).  I have put my message to wattbot which didn't not resolve my issue and the team have not got back to me as I was told by wattbot over a week ago.

I have looked though the troubleshooting guide but this does not help with my issue either.

I don’t know what to do next.  The point of having a smart meter was so I could easily see my daily usage, but I cannot.

It appears many people have issues with their new smart meters & IHDs from PP & it is quite infuriating not to be able to speak to the company directly.

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@Marc , can this be passed to Member Services, seems they have already hired through the correct channels, but with no reply.

I have exactly the same problem, installed 7 May, also no reply from Member Services posted on 10th.

Hey @jas55 and thanks for posting! 

I checked this one out with our Member Services team - they let me know they replied to your WattBot chat about your IHD on 7 May. To view their reply, you can head back in to ‘ask a question’ in your account. If you have any further questions you can send them another message on there. :slight_smile:

@JimFot our Member Services team have let me know they haven’t received an email or chat case for your account - how did you get in touch? The best thing to do is log in to your account, select ‘get help and support’ > ‘ask a question’ and type ‘IHD problem’. :thumbsup:

Thanks, I thought that was what I did. This is from my account

I couldn’t find any way to email btw.

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In Wattbot, if you type IHD problem, the bot will go through a couple of auto answers if non of these apply, persist until it says your message has been sent to the team.

It could be the format of your message which didn't provide an answer, you could try typing message the team, send, then continue with the message and attach the photo

I just don’t seem to get a response from WhattBot


Hmm that’s strange @JimFot

A couple of things to check - are you definitely logged in? 

Are you using any VPN software, or a work device/ work WiFi network? Security systems like that can block WattBot from working as it should! 

Yes I was logged in (and Menu has Log out as an option). No special security other than Avast. Using Firefox. Standard TalkTalk internet. Disabled Avast and no change.

Have logged in on the phone which showed the same entries but entering IHD Problem againseems to have got both the phone and laptop versions working.

That’s really odd @JimFot! So glad to hear that using the app has made it all work though, not sure what may have caused that issue - let us know how you get on. :thumbsup: