More smart meter IHD craziness (Part 3)

  • 27 January 2021
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Hi @schase @Duppy I believe Sam from the smart meters team has emailed you both to confirm he’s done the recommissioning, and that if you can give it 24 hours :thumbsup:

Thanks @schase @Duppy 

Sam from our smart meters team is going to run the decom/recom on Monday. He reckons he can do it in a couple of hours, but he’d rather not do it on a Friday, in case there are any probs.

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Hi @Marc  I don't know if this info is any use to you


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@Marc,  I agree with @Duppy; it’s worth a try to recommission the IHD. But I have little doubt that it was caused by a firmware update (although I don’t believe we get any alerts about these).

And I do wish they could fix the problem with the electricity £ amounts not adding the daily standing charge to the IHD totals (despite it showing in the IHD’s Tariff section), but from the previous discussion it sounds like it may be a bug with the meter itself :disappointed_relieved:


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Hi @Marc , certainly worth a try, I'm not bothered about losing the historical data as the gas is wrong anyway.

Hi @schase 

Our smart meter team are still checking this out, and are in discussions with Geo. It’s been suggested by Geo that it could have been caused by a firmware update, but our team can’t see any update at the time it stopped working. (Same with @Duppy who looks to have the same issue).

So, they’d offered to carry out a decommission and recommission of the IHD to see if that works. It’ll take a couple of days and you will lose the historical data. But it might fix the issue going forward.

What do you think?

Any idea of when a pilot version might be available?

It’s about to start @myauntie :slight_smile::wink:


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Thanks @Marc - I wasn’t aware. The idea of the energy use being built in to the app (or accessible via the web portal) is great, such a pity it was pushed back.

Any idea of when a pilot version might be available?

Ah yes indeed @myauntie 

I’m not a big fan of IHDs! :tired_face:

When we began our smart meters pilot planning (we’re talking way back in Spring of 2018) we’d hoped to not give out IHDs to our Members, but instead offer the energy use info in our app. As well as being a better user experience, it would also be more sustainable (less use of plastic, less waste on an item many people turn off and stick in a kitchen cupboard).

But the energy market rules state said we had to include IHDs. We’d be fined big time if we didn’t. I believe that the reasoning does have some merit - namely so people without smart phones aren’t excluded.

I think it led to the real-time energy usage in app project being pushed back, and back. 

We are working that, too, by the way. It just seems crazy that the ‘smart experience’ has to involve IHDs - there are so many different models and bits of firmware out there.

Not making excuses here! Just adding my Friday thoughts.


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Apologies @Marc - I had posted a link to the wrong thread: How accurate are the In-Home Display (IHD) readings? | Community (


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Hi @Marc - true, my replacement unit is still not connected, however it’s also worth noting that my original issue was that the usage displayed on my previous IHD didn’t tally.



I think yours is a different issue @myauntie 

What @schase and @Duppy are seeing is that accumulated usage doesn’t tally.

Whereas you’re not seeing any usage at all because it won’t talk to the comms hub due to a commissioning issue.

Neither is a good thing, of course.

Incidentally, my IHD stopped working yesterday. All I could see was ‘waiting for data’.

But, the Geo app on my phone which speaks to the consumer access device which plugs into the IHD (being tested in our half-hourly reads pilot) was still showing me real-time elec usage, even with the IHD display being on the blink. Weird, huh?

Oh, and by the evening the IHD was showing usage again. As far as I know nothing had changed.

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I wonder if there’s a wider issue? I reported an error with mine also a few months ago - unfortunately I still need to wait another 3 weeks before I can see if my replacement unit actually resolves the issue


I notice mine was doing the same too, just for gas. I too have given up on what the IHD says. 

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I posted a similar issue in the futures thread

In response to a post by @schase 

Thanks @schase for postng this detail

I’ve passed it on to the smart meters team. No doubt they will have a question or two!