More IHD budgeting woes

  • 31 August 2020
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A confusing IHD usage/budget display issue. Any enlightenment welcome!

For some background, here are a couple of previous discussions on setting IHD budgets:


I’m just coming up to one year with the SMETS2 meters. After several months without a functioning IHD, Magnum came out a few weeks ago and replaced it. Things seemed to be working OK until I looked more closely at the usage graphs: they seem to be out of whack with the set budgets. Note that I’m aware the IHD budget feature doesn’t really align with our spending, as the settings available are a) flat monthly payments; or b) seasonal adjustment (that doesn’t match the PP split and may not match one’s own usage).

That said, what I’m showing below doesn’t make sense to me. Screen shots of the graphs of annual consumption (with both flat and seasonal adjustment settings). The ‘Total this year’ + ‘Over/Under budget’ should equal 12 x monthly payment as set in the IHD (electricity: £28, gas: £44). This appears correctly when the flat payment setting is used, but doesn’t total to the annual budget when the seasonal adjustment setting is used. What’s going on?? Is the ‘seasonal adjustment’ budget actually making projections of my annual spend against the budget? If this is all working correctly as designed, then I believe the only useful budget comparison figures would be the annual usage/budget with the flat setting; everything else (including weekly and monthly actual/budget figures) would be misleading. Or perhaps the IHD is programmed incorrectly?

Flat budget setting Seasonal adjustment budget setting
£146 + £189.89 = £335.89 (= 12 x £28)


£146 + £129.41 = £275.41 (≠ 12 x £28)


£262 + £265.83 = £527.83 (= 12 x £44)


£262 - £119.61 = £142.39 (≠ 12 x £44)


IHD budgets


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Great post. That’s really interesting. Just to let you know that I’ve shared it with our smart team, too :thumbsup: