How do I get smart meters read automatically?

  • 8 October 2020
  • 1 reply

I've just moved into a new build house with smart meters and have transfered my pure plant account from my old house. How do I get readings to be taken automatically? Also, how can I get an in home display? 

1 reply

Hey @Chrishdunn 

Great to hear you wanted to stick with PP at your new house:grinning:

If they’re second-generation (SMETS2) meters, we’ll ask for your opening readings and after that you should see ‘smart’ readings appearing in your account each month. :thumbsup: If they’re older, first-generation meters, these are due to be updated to the SMETS2 network this year so we receive your smart readings - the latest timescales for that work are available here.

Whoever installed the meters should’ve left an IHD (or, if the house was occupied previously, the previous occupiers should’ve left it in the property)?