Fixing a broken smart meter

  • 15 October 2020
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Hoping someone can help/point me in the right direction - asked via wattbot and no reply from Customer Services (3 days and counting)

Recently switched from Eon to Pure Planet - nice painless switching process. 

When I moved into my property I inherited a British Gas - First Gen Smart Meter - Switched to Eon expecting it not to work - surprisingly it did as they’d already completed some of the upgrade work for 1st Gen Meters - worked all the way up to end of Jan this year, then decided to pack up - finally got round to calling Eon about it in late Feb, they diagnosed that the comms box? wasn’t working and put me in the queue for a replacement. Then C-19 happened, and my rates went up to a stupid amount (meter has never been replaced - because of a big queue of outstanding repairs/replacements).

As my home is electric heating switched to Pure Planet as will save a fortune but do ideally need that meter fixed/replaced…

Any ideas?





2 replies

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Hi @olidavies 

Welcome to the Pure Planet community!

If you asked this question via Wattbot, and began the process by entering message the team, then the promise is a reply within three working days currently.

My guess is that if you were in a lengthy queue with one of the big six, then you might be lucky to get it sorted quicker after a switch. The key question is whether Pure Planet can do it at all, and if so, how long it might take. It's possible team member @Nataly may be able to help…


Hey @olidavies and welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

I think our Member Services team will need to look into this one so nice one for sending a message through to them! As @stephenrand’s advised they’ll get back to you in 3 working days. 

I’d recommend also sending photos of your meters to help them check all your meter info and setup, too. They’ll let you know the next steps :thumbsup: