Chameleon IHD6 smart meter. Can I access Real Time data?

  • 27 July 2021
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I was with another Supplier (Bulb I think) and they installed a Chameleon IHD6 meter. When I moved to Pure Planet, as expected the meter worked with the new Supplier. 

I do however find accessing my usage data to be a bit lacking. The meter itself doesn’t provide the historic or granular level data I’d like and the app doesn’t seem to show meter data anywhere.

The closest I can get to what I want is to look at the historical meter readings but they seem to be very random, often only being on the first or last day of the month. They’re also out of date so tracking a device that has high usage is just about impossible.

Is it possible to track usage a little more accurately?  Happy to use a 3rd Party app if required, but I guess data privacy will limit that.



Edit: I see there has been another post that discussed just this. 

I’d read about Bulb using SmartThings and this would work for me.

The thread was updated a year ago so I wondered if there was any progress/update as it does seem to limit the value of the Smart meter.




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It was indeed @woz thanks. In fact this post:


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Hey @NitramA, I’ve spent 5 minutes looking for a post on this topic that was updated by @Marc today. Basically it’s likely coming soon to an app near you... 

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@25 quid 

was it this one?


It was indeed @woz thanks. In fact this post:


@25 quid Thanks for getting back to me.

Looking at the post its sort of as I feared. Maybe I’m getting more cynical in my old age but Smart Meters were positioned as being a way to monitor and reduce your usage. Having to wait 24 hours before I see half hourly snapshots isn’t really what I need.

Probably useful all the same so I’ll hold judgement until I’ve tried it.


Yes @NitramA it’s not ideal and nothing wrong with being a little cynical. See how you get on and maybe update us with your thoughts… 😊