Can I buy a larger IHD (in-house display)

  • 17 September 2021
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I now have smart meters and all is working well thanks. I do find the supplied IHD rather small and would like to buy a larger screen or have a way to see the details (live) on my android phone or W10 PC. Does anyone have any suggestions?  I have connected my IHD to my Wi-Fi.  I see an number of energy suppliers do have a phone and W10 app that lets you see your energy data both current (live) and historic. The provided IHD does do all this but is small, thanks…  


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7 replies

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This idea has been brought up before, 

As you can see, it's on hold at the moment while other things are worked on

Would be good to get it off hold :-)

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The idea was only put on hold yesterday, it will be revisited, but not for a while.

If you have connected your IHD to your WiFi, you could download the Geo Home app from your app store. This was designed by the IHD manufacturers

Such a great answer, thank you. That is working well. Am I able to buy / get the  Trio Accessible display? That is larger and designed for people with not such great sight

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You raise an interesting point

I don’t know what PP’s policy is but I do know that other suppliers will supply the accessible IHD if you are registered blind or partially sighted and the priority services register reflects that.

Perhaps PP will consider this if it isn’t already in place?

@Mads if it isn’t (offered in those circumstances) can you link this to feedback or will I need to post a separate post? If it is offered that’s great!

@Weatherman  even if you can find one PP will need to pair it to your meter.


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Beat me to it @woz 


Hey @Weatherman @woz @Duppy 

Accessible IHDs are absolutely on our radar and are really important to have available to those who need it. 

@Weatherman it’s probably best to get in touch with our Member Services team directly about this one. :slight_smile:  To do that, select ‘help’ > ‘ask a question’ and type ‘message the team’. Let them know you’d like to request an accessible IHD, and they’ll be able to raise this with the Smart team for you.