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Hi again as said my IHD fitted on Wednesday and still not connecting it's only 4ft away from my meters as well . Not holding out much hope it will ever work . Might just bin it .👍
I had a smart meter instal which went well in terms of booking the time etc, but the engineer said he could not instal to my type of gas meter. So I have a working electricity smart meter but still have to manually submit my gas readings. I was never asked what sort of gas meter I had and didn't think there might be "wrong" sorts of meter. Don't know where i go from here as I'm missing the main benefit of automatic readings for bills. Do i need a new meter? Or a different type of smart box?
It has always seemed relatively big but it is in a normal domestic situation. Pic enclosed.
So assuming this meter can't be smart, can i change my meter or am i to be forever unsmart? Do i even own it?
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Hi Chi3f,

I heard that there are industry glitches not necessarily down to Pure Planet affecting signals in certain areas.
But don't listen to me because I could be wrong.

In the first instance best to contact PP directly and get the members service team to advise current situ.
So advance to the APP - open help - open ask wattBot - first type "Message the Team and post your question.
Look back in the APP in couple of days for a response, may be sooner but its the weekend.

Marc the community manager regularly provides updates on smart meters so there maybe something of interest to catch up with. Plus theres some interesting exchanges between Mr Smart and other members regarding this topic, so have gander at these posts.

Good luck, look out for more feed back and enjoy the sun
Is the comms hub on the network side of the meter? Ie the customer doesn't pay for the electricity it uses?
Looking on the bright side, simply by asking this question and the follow up debate, chances are you have earnt more than £2 in community points.
But i see your point. For me if/when a 3phase smet2 meter becomes available the IHD will still be pointless as the meter is so far away that the range to the IHD will be too far for it to be visable to anybody.

You'll need a Zigbee repeater. I thought the system was designed so that in blocks of flats a mesh network would be created to get the comms from upper floors down to ground level. You just need to recreate that through your property.

Agreed and I don't understand the logic of this, if it's possible to disconnect the meter remotely and still maintain communications how can the comms supply be on the consumer side, unless it relies on batteries to communicate, and why would anyone design it that way? Put simply I don't (yet) believe the answer.

Whilst I have the utmost respect for @Marc and his research, I would also like to think that this isn't the case.
I'm not casting aspersions on jon1's body here but I think he's spread outwards rather than upwards... ?

LOL, I'm sure repeaters will cope with sideways as well as up and down. The serious point though is that whilst meters themselves might act as repeaters unless "the industry" has commissioned standalone repeaters, they won't exist.
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Hi, has anyone else had issues with the IHD?.
The needle in my electric display never moves, even when I'm using quite a lot. And the green light on the front never changes from green. I assume it is supposed to change to amber and red depending on usage?
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Hi Woz, yes it seems to be communicating with the meter ok. It doesn't say anything on the booklet which came with it, and pdf online is the same.
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Hi Woz, yes there is. Wasn't sure whether to use it, didn't want to buggar it up.
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Hi Marc
no, I haven't pressed the button yet (scared). Still waiting for some direction from the team.

Hi @Angelabikerbabe @woz
​Did you press the button?

Do we have any idea how much electricity the IHD’s use.

We are concerned as we switched to batteries which lasted for only a few hours so seems like they are a heavy drain on power.

Currently with all the problems it’s not really providing anything useful so thinking of turning it off and saving on the electricity.

Would turning the IHD off have any downsides?

Kevin & Sylvie
Think my smart meter display unit is faulty.

It’s showing stupid readings.

Tried to change settings but goes back to showing extreme activity. (3kw at full needle swing.)

How do I repair/fix/get a replacement?

Trio II
On the IHD reset device option does this take the device back to the point after engineer set up?
Is there a way to extend the IHD as the meters are reasonably far away and it can't connect with them from our flat, unfortunately.
Are you able to supply a display for smart meters fitted under a previous supplier?
I am indeed talking about the in home display.
How do I read the electric smart meters? I only have A and B buttons unlike some videos online which has a number pad.

The electric meter reading it shows doesn't match the last reading taken under the old meter. So when I get an email from Pure Planet asking to send new readings then I cant since the sequence doesn't match.
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Just looking at the meter and it uses 5v 1A USB. So should work in the power sockers with USB built-in. Which means I don't need the 3-pin wall wart 😃
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haaa, yes I did, sorry...I was just checking that the USB socket wasn't for some other interrogating the device.
(for some reason when I see your name I think of the Film Cujo...)
I bet the IHD only takes a few hundred milliamps, plenty left for the phone (ipad might struggle just a little)

ha, I've never seen the film. I've used Jowl across a number of forums though. It's supposed to be J - Owl but I'm often greeted with 'jowl' now 😃
My SM was installed last Thursday but still says waiting for data. Any idea what I need to do? Read about connectivity problems but showing quite good wi fi connection.
Any ideas?

Did the IHD display data before the installer left the property?