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...and that works out at around 1.6 watts for both. (seems low to me for 2 meters and an IHD) but possible, I think it will be a lot higher if the IHD screen is on a lot.
The next story in the Daily Mail will be Smart Meters Costing Consumers £42m a year.
(based on 20 million ish smart meters)
Hey @talldave
That's now confirmed.
It's approx £2 a year to run the IHD, smart meter and comms hub.
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I'm not casting aspersions on jon1's body here but I think he's spread outwards rather than upwards... ?
You'll need a Zigbee repeater. I thought the system was designed so that in blocks of flats a mesh network would be created to get the comms from upper floors down to ground level. You just need to recreate that through your property.

Whilst I have the utmost respect for @Marc and his research, I would also like to think that this isn't the case.
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hi oscarbigfeet
​If you mean an InHomeDisplay, which I assume you do, it needs to be clarified as to whether your meters would be compatible with the TRIO IHD. (If however you mean the display on the actual meter itself that's a whole new answer)

If they are smets2 there is a possibility that they might be compatible, you need to find out first. Not sure who will know that? Perhaps Magnum or the IHD manufacturers? In answer to the question, once that's established I'd ask PP nicely and see what happens.
As an alternative option have you considered talking to the energy co. who were responsible for fitting the meters?

​You have raised a very interesting question which I hadn't thought of, what is the situation with IHD's when older smets1 meters are updated to be made compatible. Will the PP supplied IHD work? @Marc can you ask about this please?

Are you able to supply a display for smart meters fitted under a previous supplier?
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hi Steandlinda
I believe it won't function as a Smart meter unless updated, (not happening yet), so you'll need to read it manually once a month.(which is not hard to do)
The in home display may or may not continue to work in part (and if it does work at all the rates will be wrong).

Are you on economy7? ​Your post has come up with my previous question below it.
​PP aren't fitting smart meters to some E7 installs yet. It's complicated.

will our british gas smart meter work on pure planet
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hi K&S
none whatsoever with the caveat that you don’t accidentally leave some appliance on and forget about it.
(but you would be in the same position if you'd never had it!)
There was a post on here somewhere which said how much it cost a year, but I can’t find it.

​Late Edit
The specification on the device states the input power is 0.5W, I simply don't believe that figure, you can't light up a screen and power a device like that for 0.5W, it's simply not possible. (Note: When it's lit up. Is it permanently lit or does it wake up? I don't have one to test)
My estimate depending on the above would be between 1 and 3 watts each watt is about £1.30/year. so a few £ a year

It isn’t intended to be run for long periods from batteries but they should last longer than that, maybe the batteries weren’t good or maybe they still drain even when it's powered. (hmmm I wonder if PP will give me one to test...)
​I would never buy batteries for it, if I was going to use batteries I'd use rechargeables.

Anyway all that aside downside that I can think of, and if you need to submit readings you can always read the meter.
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Thanks Duppy I've edited my reply above and will be posting about this.
Hi K&S
Here is a link to the Geo website

Hope that helps
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Thanks Duppy
​so they may have quoted an absolute minimum, rather than a typical.
and the battery situation proves that to be the case.
​Even a poor set of alkaline should power it for longer than a few hours if it was 0.5W
If it was properly designed it would run down to 3.0V, (nimH are nominally 1.2V) thus allowing rechargeables. I'm not impressed
I would also argue that there is not much point in having it if it's switched to standby but that's a different argument.

The whole concept of Smart Metering isn't very environmentally friendly is it?
Think millions of IHD's and meter electronics that weren't there before..

Hi woz
In answer to your question about the display, you can set it to power saving mode turning off/ wake up the display at your preset times.if you touch the home button while display is off it will come back on again
Also states batteries only last about 3 hours and not to use rechargeable batteries, which is not very environmentally friendly
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hi Parsleigh (great name by the way)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
There are a couple of photos on page 2 of the thread, there may be more than one type of course.
Could it not be disguised with a box or similar?
What's on the other side of the wall? You don't often get meters in the living room?

How ugly are the new generation of smart gas meters? My existing gas meter dominates the living room wall and I’m concerned that the new one will be even worse. My daughter’s first generation smart gas meter looks like one of the old meters with a couple of extra lumps bolted on.
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Post Trial Instructions
1.Place IHD in draw (take out the batteries)
2.Wait for the update (hopefully soon but don't hold your breath)
3.Hope for the best, try it again when problems are solved.
4. Optional...Blame the DCC and the meter developers. Consider moving to the South if you're in the North.
5. :mad: or 🙂 choose one.

Hi again as said my IHD fitted on Wednesday and still not connecting it's only 4ft away from my meters as well . Not holding out much hope it will ever work . Might just bin it .������
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hi paul
presumably you’ve tried placing it near the meter and switch it off/on?
Send a message in wattbot type message the team and ask pp to check their end. As far as i know the update hasn’t happened yet.
Hi my IHD is still not working, i know there was due to be a firmware upgrade in September, its almost October. Can you please give an update as I cant find any info, is there something that i need to do?


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hi schase
can you be more specific about "display problems"?
I realise Marc's comment is from 17 May, but what he said then about the Geo model is different to what I currently have.

My meters were installed 17 September, and the IHD model I have is a Trio II Touch Button (no physical buttons). Now with display problems after 2-1/2 weeks.
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Just press button B go on i dare you.
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I realise Marc's comment is from 17 May, but what he said then about the Geo model is different to what I currently have.

My meters were installed 17 September, and the IHD model I have is a Trio II Touch Button (no physical buttons). Now with display problems after 2-1/2 weeks.

Hey @jelockwood
Here you go 🆙

No, we don't provide the 'touch' version. Ours has buttons.

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hi schase
can you be more specific about "display problems"?
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How to set budgets in the IHD?

I haven't figured out how best to set budgets in the IHD. This is what I did, and am not sure if it's correct.

  • I totalled my annual spend and divided that by 12, for a monthly budget.
  • I included VAT--is that correct?.
  • I included the membership fee, as the meters store the daily standing charge information.
  • I set 'Seasonal Adjustment' (no idea what the algorithm is to determine this).

The daily budget indicators are almost always indicating 'Predicted Over Budget'; I'm guessing this might be due to the fact that there is not yet four weeks worth of data (another reason I'm dreading having to possibly reset my IHD, as I assume it will lose all of the stored history).

Still trying to get my head around the usage graphs. Oh, how I wish my statement date was the 1st, not the 20th (and I did ask PP about this when I joined, with no satisfaction).
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How to REALLY read my Landis+Gyr electricity meter

I had smart meters installed 17-Sep, and whilst the gas meter is easy to read, the electricity meter takes a bit more work--a lot more than than the instructions provided: "Hold button A for two seconds and the default screen will display - the total units of kWh. For additional data screens, press A again".

If only. What I have to go through:Press button A for two seconds: screen with garbage displayed
Try it again: press button A again for two seconds
Press button A again
Press button A again
eventually the screen will show a display: not kWh, but 'Credit Mode Bal'
Press Button A again nine more times, cycling through lots of information before getting to something that looks like kWh: 'Total Act Import'

I've cycled through all the display screens; there are 32 of them, displaying virtually everything save my NI number.

Being the geek that I am, I'd like to know which is the correct screen for showing the meter reading that is to be sent, as there are several with kWh displayed.

Also curious to know what button B is on both electricity and gas meters. I was told by the Magnum installer not to press it (I'm guessing that pressing it might cause a universal catastrophe far greater than global warming or a no-deal Brexit).

No luck finding current online manuals for th L+G meters 😞
I had smart meters fitted on Tuesday. The IHD seems to be showing gas usage but it doesn't seem able to connect to the electricity meter to show usage. The installer said it could take up to 24 hours, but it's been over 48 hours now.
My SM was installed last Thursday but still says waiting for data. Any idea what I need to do? Read about connectivity problems but showing quite good wi fi connection.
Any ideas?
No he told me to wait 24 hrs.

- - - Updated - - -

Did the IHD display data before the installer left the property?

No he told me it may take up to 24 hrs or never work! Looks like he's right so far!

Ok, I found the Geotogther manual for the Trio II and as far as I can see the following applies.

1. They both have the same (attractive) user interface
2. They both seem to support the same WiFi module
3. Logically both will support the same API

In other words the button version will be in theory equally able to act as a CAD in the way I want.

However the lack of the WiFi module as standard will make life more difficult. Apart from the extra cost to me I suspect getting it as a mere end user will be a lot more difficult as Geotogther mainly sell to providers like Pureplanet rather than end users.

Could Pureplanet be able to act as a 'reseller' for them?
@woz @Marc
Could you post pictures of the smart meters you are now installing?

I am considering buying an energy monitoring system which monitors gas usage by using an optical or magnetic sensor to capture information from the gas meter. However it may not be compatible with some types of meter.

See -
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My meters are different
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Hi K&S
Here is a link to the Geo website

Hope that helps
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Hi KevinandSylvie,
The IHD does indeed constantly communicate with the meters with electric usage shown almost instantly, and gas updates every half hour.
The IHD manual states it should not be used on batteries for prolonged periods and the power supply should be used. I agree with woz about the stated power consumption, you would expect the batteries to last months
If you intend to use the display as a means of reading your meters, I would be wary of powering off the display, as mine has not reconnected after being unplugged, it has now been a week, so waiting to see if PP can do anything their end to get it to connect.
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Hi saagar408
On the electric smart meter you generally press the A button, the first set of numbers you see is generally the kWh reading. A new meter starts at zero, so it won't match your old meter reading. Your app should show a closing reading, if not go to help Wattbot type message the team and tell them you have had a smart meter fitted and ask to set your account to accept the new reading